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Thelist of codex entries of the antiquity Hunding Sextant in the ESO-Database.

Stros M'Kai Antiquities Codex - Hunding Sextant

  • Reginus Buca A bit rusty, but still in good condition. Late First-Era by the look of it. These appear to be modeled after the designs of the Dwemer observatory found on Stros M'kai. The Hunding name is inscribed, but this device is far younger than that bloodline.
  • Ugron gro-Thumog Frandar Hunding was a master navigator. He'd have to be to guide a fleet the size of the first Ra Gada to undiscovered lands without losing any ships. It may bear his name in honor of his legacy, even if he had nothing to do with its creation.
  • Verita Numida I wouldn't be too quick to rule out Frandar's influence. The Yokudans were advanced enough to have their own navigational devices prior to encountering the observatory. It's entirely possible that Frandar was the first to adopt this design.