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To help me with my work on the ESO-Database, feel free to support me on the following platforms.

  About the ESO-Database

  How can you support me?

The ESO-Database is a non commercial fan project developed by Keldor.

A lot of gamers asked me (Keldor) to create a overview of all guild members to embed it on their websites, so the idea was in my mind for a long period of time. After some thoughts I started with the development of the ESO-Database.

My goal was, to create a platform with a lot of information about the characters and guilds of the community members. The project has now grown into a major project and it's fun to see how you like these project and it's statistics.
Donating to the project helps me in keeping servers, web, programming and development going while you enjoy a lot of statistics and information.

If you’re unable to donate you could also help me with your feedback. Feel free to use the contact form and send me some ideas or bug reports!

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To honor my work on this project feel free to buy me a gift from my personal Wish List.

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To honor my work on this project feel free to buy me a gift from my personal GOG wish list. In your shopping cart click the "Gift this order" checkbox and use the email address below my GOG Wish List button.
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You can also send me some gold or something useful via ingame message by using the following ESO userid:

As a thank you we will add the supporter award to your profile page on ESO-Database.
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