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Windows: ESO-Database Client

Our ESO-Database Client synchronize your The Elder Scrolls Online character and guild data with the ESO-Database in the background. The client also keeps itself and the ESO-Database AddOn up to date.

On Windows you will get a warning after the download, which you can avoid by clicking on "More information "and another click on "Run anyway". Read more

Download ESO-Database Client Filesize: 1.17 MB | Version 2.3.0
MD5 checksum: 64ddf67d0debc5ad28b9a6ec89439967
Compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10

Client Screenshots

The Client Dashboard The settings tab of the Client The data tab of the Client

Manual upload

If you wish to upload your data manually, you can do so. Click the button below, to go to the manually upload info page.