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Thelist of codex entries of the antiquity Charm of the Shapeless in the ESO-Database.

Malabal Tor Antiquities Codex - Charm of the Shapeless

  • Reginus Buca Symbol of Y'ffre The charm itself is small, but it certainly resembles other depictions of Y'ffre—the Forest god of the Wood Elves. Given these hollows on either side of his head, I'd say this is part of a series of charms.
  • Verita Numida Symbol of Y'ffre This looks like Y'ffre, I agree. But his aspect seems far less distant than normal. He appears to be howling, or snarling behind a matted wreath of leaves. That's more than a little unsettling.
  • Amalien Symbol of Y'ffre Perhaps he's unleashing the power of a Wood Elf Wild Hunt! Y'ffre demanded that the Wood Elves keep their shape as part of the Green Pact, but ironically, he allows them to change it again in times of great need. Gods are strange that way.
  • Ugron gro-Thumog Face of the Serpent Some folk might look at this monstrous thing and think Maormer, but it's Wild Hunt imagery, to be sure. Apparently, Wood Elves can shift into all manner of hideous beast during a Wild Hunt. This one seems part snake, part fish?
  • Verita Numida Face of the Serpent You don't often see serpent imagery in Wood Elf crafts, but yes, I'd agree with Ugron. Creatures summoned up by the Wild Hunt defy all attempts to identify them. They might appear like snakes one moment, then fish the next. Ghastly.
  • Amalien Face of the Serpent I've read stories about a monster created from the Wild Hunt--one that had the body of a serpent and jaws like a shark. It's said to still exist in shallow waters around Valenwood. Maybe it used to be a Wood Elf!
  • Gabrielle Benele Band of Water Too small to be a ring. It almost looks like a ring's ring, as odd as that sounds. It seems like it's made from the same material as the other charms from the area. Does this have anything to do with the Wild Hunt?
  • Verita Numida Band of Water Wood Elves caught up in a Wild Hunt ritual supposedly change into strange animals, but some say turning into water is also one of their capabilities. This might be a depiction of a Bosmer that has become ... liquified.
  • Amalien Band of Water Yes! I've heard of Bosmer changing into fearsome waves of blood instead of animals! Wouldn't that be amazing to see? I mean ... horrifying, yes. But still, what a sight!
  • Gabrielle Benele Face of the Wolf Beast A small carving, but nonetheless haunting. This thing is pretty monstrous, but I'm not even sure what kind of monster you'd qualify it as. Too creepy not to be related to the Wild Hunt, right?
  • Ugron gro-Thumog Face of the Wolf Beast Careful with this charm. It's old, but the fangs on that thing are still sharp enough to cut. The Wild Hunt is said to strip the flesh from bone in the blink of an eye ... this might be a reminder.
  • Amalien Face of the Wolf Beast Don't wolves feel a bit too obvious to you? Creatures of the Wild Hunt take on multiple traits--all of them horrifying. This could be a depiction of King Dead Wolf-Deer! He's half-wolf, half-crocodile, or something. And some say he still prowls Valenwood!
  • Verita Numida Charm of the Shapeless I'll be honest ... I don't really know what I'm looking at here. I suppose it could be a face? If you squint? Given the bizarre shape and the greenish hue of the metal, I'd say this is a relic of the Wild Hunt.
  • Gabrielle Benele Charm of the Shapeless If I'm not mistaken, shapeless beings often appear in the hunt. According to this tome of Bosmeri history, Wood Elves transformed by the ritual sometimes take on the aspect of "great writhing tongues, unfettered by lips or teeth." Gross.
  • Amalien Charm of the Shapeless Can you even imagine seeing a giant tongue chasing after you? It's really too bad that the Wild Hunt leaves no survivors—not even those who willingly take part. I guess we'll have to wait until the Wood Elves feel aggrieved enough to summon up another!