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An overview of all The Elder Scrolls Online zones an the number of characters in each zone.

Zone Overview Zone Overview

Name Characters
Buried Sands 0
Burroot Kwama Mine 0
Camlorn Keep 0
Capstone Cave 0
Captain Margaux's Place 0
Carac Dena 0
Carzog's Demise 0
Castle Kvatch 0
Castle of the Worm 0
Cath Bedraud 0
Cathedral of Akatosh 0
Cathedral of the Golden Path 0
Cathedral of Webs 0
Cave of Broken Sails 0
Cave of Trophies 0
Cavern of the Incarnate 0
Cey-Tarn Keep 0
Chambers of Loyalty 0
Chapel of Light 0
Charred Ridge 0
Chateau of the Ravenous Rodent 0
Cheesemonger Hollow 0
Cheesemonger's Hollow 0
Chid-Moska Ruins 0
Chiselshriek Mine 0
Cicatrice Caverns 0
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