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Dear all,

I'm pleased to tell you that ESO-Database is back! I have officially taken over the project from Keldor and wish to thank him for his hard work and dedication to the project.

Two server migrations and an uncountable amount of coffee later the website is finally back live. Your clients should also work again, though you might have to log in again on your client. I'm still working on the project, so some features might still not work entirely as desired. If you encounter an error be sure to email me at system(at) and then I'll look into it. Opening up the site again makes it easier for me to find errors in hidden places.

Have a great time at ESO-Database rebooted,

  • Manual character deletion does not work yet. *FIXED*
  • Location is not being shown in the client login log. *FIXED*
  • Long loading times. *FIXED*

  • Added "Doom Wolf" and "Breton Hero Armor" to the collectibles.
  • Fixed collectible categories. Polymorphs and Costumes are now separate.
  • Added "Shadows of the Hist" achievement category for the upcoming update (empty at the moment).
  • Fixed the trials section of the character statistics. Trials will now be properly updated once again.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the correct time from being inserted in the achieved achievements database for some users.
  • Separated the "Appearance" category in the collectibles tab so that now each category can be viewed individually.
  • Fixed a bug where the yearly awards were not properly displayed in the XP-log.
  • Awarded the yearly awards for 2015 to all users that earned them. They were somehow not given out.

Posted on 07/26/2016 18:34:21 by Woeler