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ArrowElsweyr update and running analyses in the character profile

At this point I would like to announce once again that I (Keldor) have taken over the project from Woeler again. Since I now play ESO again and Woeler didn't have much time for the project, I decided to take over the project again after almost two years.

Today the feature to display running analyses has been added to the character profile. This feature has been requested since the start of the ESO database and has finally found its way into the character profile. The feature can be found in your character profile under the tab Tradeskills. Click on a profession then you get the usual overview of your traits.

Below the progress bar you can see the current running analyses if you have any active. The runtimes are designed dynamically, i.e. you can always see in real time how much time the analysis will take.

Also the version 3.0.0 for the addon has been released, which already works with Elsweyr!

Posted on 05/17/2019 14:33:53 by Keldor