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ArrowClient version 2.3.0 available!

The new client version 2.3.0 is available and has some new features. You can now set the compression level in the Settings tab. Here you can decide if you want to invest more computing power and upload only a small amount of data or if you want to use less computing power and transfer a larger amount of data.

A new feature has also been implemented that allows you to download the addon files as ZIP files. This allows me to make the addon more flexible because I don't have to rely on the two fixed files anymore.

IMPORTANT: In the near future support for older clients than version 2.3.0 will be dropped and they will probably not work anymore. Therefore please update to the latest version! Also let your fellow players know :)

Version 2.3.0

  • New setting to adjust the compression level
  • The addon files are downloaded as a ZIP file
  • Notification of new client versions if the client is minimized

Posted on 08/03/2019 08:24:48 by Keldor