IMPORTANT: To keep your data updated automatically, you have to download the new client! You can find the client on the download page.

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ArrowAddOn Version 2.0.9 is available for download

Version 2.0.9 of the ESO-Database AddOn is available for download. The AddOn update will automatically installed by the ESO-Database Client. If you don't use the client, you have to update the AddOn manually by downloading the new version here.

Changelog for Version 2.0.9

  • The XP values of the exported skill lines get now calculated correctly
  • The chat command /esodb skill lines was added
  • Frost Mare was added to the known collectible list
  • Export of all known recipes has been added
  • Export of lockpicking loot quality statistics
  • Export of most expensive merchant and guild store purchases has been added
  • Export of highest merchant and guild store sells has been added
  • Export of most expensive repair has been added

Posted on 07/05/2015 16:15:43 by Keldor