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This update includes the Achievement, the Skill line and the recipe overview for characters. With the new Notification system you get updates for your recently added and updated characters on your account. For further details, see the following list of changes.

Changelog Version 2.1.0

  • The character profile has been reworked. The new tab "Statistics / Information" has been added including all advanced character information
  • The new character profile tab Skill lines has been added
  • The new character profile tab Achievements has been added
  • A new upload script for Linux players is now available on the download page
  • The character profile link for usernames with special chars are now working as expected
  • The difficulty for lock picking and chests are now displayed in the statistics.
  • The appearance of the tradeskill progressbars has been changed for maxed out skills
  • An messages will display if no information for tradeskills is available
  • The Images page has been renamed to Screenshots
  • The Images tab in the character and guild profiles has been renamed to Screenshots
  • The following new values have been added to the “Gold Statistics” category:
    • Laundering fees
    • Buyback
    • Fence sales
  • The new category "Records" has been added with the following values:
    • Best sell on guild store
    • Best sell at merchant
    • Highest amount of pickpocketed gold
    • Most expensive purchase on guild store
    • Most expensive purchase at merchant
    • Most expensive repair
    • Most expensive launder
    • Most expensive buyback
  • The new category "Trading Statistics" has been added with the following values:
    • Number of merchant sells
    • Number of guild store sells
    • Number of fence sells
    • Number of merchant purchases
    • Number of guild store purchases
    • Number of buybacks
  • The following new values has been added to the “Justice System” category:
    • Number of fence sells
    • Number of fence launders
    • Stolen: Junk
    • Stolen: Normal
    • Stolen: Fine
    • Stolen: Superior
    • Stolen: Epic
    • Stolen: Legendary
  • The name of the last zone in the character profile will now be shown in the websites language. Before it was shown in the players game language
  • The title in the character profile will now be shown in the websites language. Before it was shown in the players game language
  • The recipe list is now available in the character tradeskill tab. Click the arrow behind the Provisioning tradeskill to get the list
  • You are now able to upload deleted characters again. This characters will only appear again, if the uploaded data is newer than the deleted character
  • The values of the "Gold Statistics" category have been colored by their types. Green values for incoming money, red values for outgoing money
  • The new notification system is available. The system will notify you about new characters and character updates
  • The tradeskill tab will now display the Psijik-Ambrosia fragments. If the character knows the whole Psijik-Ambrosia recipe, all parts will be displayed on the page
  • The number of completed repeatable quests are now available in Quest statistics category
  • The category "Crafted/Deconstructed items" has been renamed to "Tradeskills"
  • The number of completed writs are now available in the "Tradeskills" category
  • New for mighty heroes: The following kills are now tracked by the addon
    • Fox
    • Frogs
    • Scorpions
    • Scribs
    • Beetles

Posted on 08/01/2015 06:59:07 by Keldor