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Character Character

Achievement points
Alliance Points gained
Books/Letters read
Champion Rank
Experience Points gained
Fast travels
Fish caught
Items destroyed
Items looted

Chests and Locks Chests and Locks

Chests opened
Failed lock pickings
Lock picks broken

Combat Statistics Combat Statistics

AvA deaths
AvA wins
Damage done
Damage taken
Deaths by Slaughterfish
Duels lost
Duels won
Healing done
Healing taken
NPCs killed
Overheal done
Overheal taken

Experience Points by Source Experience Points by Source

XP by Source - Keep conquered/defeated
XP by Source - Kills
XP by Source - Lock picking
XP by Source - Other
XP by Source - Quests
XP by Source - Scripted Events
XP by Source - World Boss Kills

Gold Statistics Gold Statistics

Best sell at fence
Best sell at merchant
Best sell on guild store
Bounty paid
Earned from Fence
Earned from Guild Store
Earned from Loot
Earned from Quest Rewards
Earned from Rewards for the Worthy
Earned from merchant sells
Gold in the bank
Guild Store Fee paid
Highest amount of looted gold
Highest amount of pickpocketed gold
Most expensive buyback
Most expensive launder
Most expensive purchase at merchant
Most expensive purchase on guild store
Most expensive repair
Paid Guild Store
Paid Repair
Paid Riding skills
Paid for Backpack Upgrades
Paid for Merchant Purchases
Paid for Wayshrine Travels
Paid for buybacks
Paid for launder
Paid for resetting attribute points
Paid for resetting morphs
Paid for resetting skills
Paid in NPC Conversations
Total Gold spent
Total gold
Total gold acquired

Justice System Justice System

Bounty paid
Confiscated items
Gold stolen
Items stolen
Number of fence launders
Number of fence sells
Pickpocketings failed
Total bounty

Mighty hero Mighty hero

Antelopes killed
Bantam Guars killed
Bears killed
Beetles killed
Camels killed
Centipedes killed
Chicken killed
Chub Loons killed
Cows killed
Daedrats killed
Deer killed
Dragon Frogs killed
Echalette killed
Elk killed
Fellrunners killed
Fennec Fox killed
Fiendroth killed
Fox killed
Frogs killed
Goats killed
Guars killed
Herons killed
Horker killed
Lizards killed
Monkeys killed
Mudcrabs killed
Pigs killed
Pocket Mammoths killed
Rabbits killed
Rats killed
Sandroach killed
Scorpions killed
Scribs killed
Sep Adders killed
Sheep killed
Skavengers killed
Skeevers killed
Spiders killed
Squirrels killed
Thorn Geckos killed
Wormmouths killed

Quests Quests

Abandoned quests
Quests accepted
Quests completed
Repetable quests

Tel Var Stones Tel Var Stones

Earned Tel Var Stones
Earned Tel Var Stones from NPCs
Earned Tel Var Stones from Players
Highest Amount earned from NPC
Highest Amount earned from Player
Highest Amount lost on death
Highest Amount lost to Player
Highest Amount on Character
Lost Tel Var Stones
Lost Tel Var Stones by death
Lost Tel Var Stones to Players
Most expensive purchase at merchant
Spent Tel Var Stones on Vendor
Tel Var Stones in the bank
Total Tel Var Stones

Tradeskills Tradeskills

Alchemist writs completed
Blacksmith writs completed
Clothier writs completed
Crafted items (Alchemy)
Crafted items (Blacksmithing)
Crafted items (Clothing)
Crafted items (Enchanting)
Crafted items (Jewelrycrafting)
Crafted items (Provisioning)
Crafted items (Woodworking)
Enchanter writs completed
Jewelry Crafting writs completed
Provisioner writs completed
Woodworker writs completed

Trading Statistics Trading Statistics

Number of buybacks
Number of fence sells
Number of guild store purchases
Number of guild store sells
Number of merchant purchases
Number of merchant sells

Trials Trials

Aetherian Archive
Asylum Sanctorium
Blackrose Prison
Dragonstar Arena
Halls of Fabrication
Hel Ra Citadel
Maelstrom Arena
Maw of Lorkhaj
Sanctum Ophidia