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Ebonheart Pact

EU Megaserver North Watch Order

Guild master: No guild master found in ESO-Database
Guild trader: Glegokh in Belkarth
Founded 03/31/2014
4,984 Characters
On this page you can see the recruitment information of the guild. These information are exported straight from the game.

Recruitment information Recruitment information

  • Primary Fokus: Trading
  • Play Style: Balanced
  • Secondary Fokus: PvP
  • Language: English
  • Min. Champion Points: 250
  • Core Hours: Not Specified
  • Roles: DDHealTank

Friendly trading at top locations in the North 250k+ sales OR 25k donation Surprise yourself with awesome sales!
We are a friendly and independent trading order open for free traders from any alliance. Every guild also belongs to an alliance, however, and here we are Pact. We have weekly events like lotteries or contests to add to your ingame fun! Our beautiful guild house has all you can think of. Discord is provided.

We have a guild trader in the lucrative North (usually Vivec), and ask you to sell for 250k+. Alternatively, you can donate a 25k weekly fee for our trader. When you are accepted, your first quest is to donate within 2 days. If you are a fantastic seller, you could also just kickstart selling, but you only have 2 days to advance to Trader. This guild gives back to you: We reward donations and high sales with higher ranks. Those who want a lifetime membership without worrying about sales & donations can go for the Consul rank. If you want, you can even Sponsor us to the next trading level. Then there is the mythic Magnate receiving taxback every week! Rumours have it that as Divine you can have your own holiday...

Please say hello, if you want in, so we know you have read this. Your expected sales help as well.
Be welcome! :-) You need to have a Lvl 50 CP250+ char to join - be on that char or write you have one, plz.
If your friend is already in guild: tell us the @accountname.

We are international and use English as guild language. Your English doesn't need to be perfect, though. Just be friendly! We care. :-)