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ArrowSamtpfötchen Nanni-ko

Khajiit Aldmeri Dominion Templar

EU Megaserver Samtpfötchen Nanni-koMain

Shehai Shatterer
Rank 50
Champion Rank 1259 (241,770 / 1,015,349 XP)
Character assigned to Idefix2
Welcome to the character profile of Samtpfötchen Nanni-ko!

Character Character Information

Alliance Rank
Centurion Grade 2 Rank 24 - Centurion Grade 2  [388,914 / 921,600 AP]
Infamy Upstanding
Bounty Gold 0
Last seen in   Grahtwood
Primary residence   Strident Springs Demesne
Last update 08/19/2019 04:06:03

Riding Skills Riding Skills

Speed 60 % Stamina 60 Capacity 60

Guilds Guilds

Name Characters Alliance Founded
EU Megaserver Ars Necandi 3,445 Aldmeri Dominion 03/30/2014
EU Megaserver Hüter des Aldmeri-Bundes 443 Aldmeri Dominion 04/06/2014
EU Megaserver LAROCA 634 Aldmeri Dominion 04/09/2014
EU Megaserver Tamrizon 5,174 Aldmeri Dominion 05/10/2014