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Khajiit Aldmeri Dominion Nightblade

EU Megaserver Patte le chat

Rank 46 (75,035 / 120,019 XP)
Character assigned to Hector le Ombre

  • Magicka: 8500
  • Health: 9340
  • Stamina: 10165
On this page you can view the lore books of the selected category for Patte le chat.

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Shalidor's Library - Rivenspire Lore Books 0 / 10 (0%)
  • Bloodfiends of Rivenspire
  • Dire Legends of the Doomcrag
  • House Ravenwatch Proclamation
  • House Tamrith: A Recent History
  • Northpoint: An Assessment
  • Shornhelm, Crown City of the North
  • The Barrows of Westmark Moor
  • The Horse-Folk of Silverhoof
  • The Remnant of Light
  • The Story of Princess Eselde