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High Elf Ebonheart Pact Templar

EU Megaserver Nutella with Butter

Immortal Redeemer
Rank 50
Champion Rank 1676 (346,923 / 420,667 XP)
Character assigned to Wolf384

  • Magicka: 30197
  • Health: 21896
  • Stamina: 13021
The first, second and third placed characters of the ESO-Database Leaderboards will be awarded in each category every Week, Month and Year. These awards are displayed on this page.

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  • Defeats against players (Private/Duel) Defeats against players (Private/Duel) (Week Number 36 2022)
    3rd Place in category Defeats against players (Private/Duel).

    Defeats against players (Private/Duel): 1
  • Chicken killed Chicken killed (Week Number 25 2022)
    2nd Place in category Chicken killed.

    Chicken killed: 2
  • Paid for resetting skills Paid for resetting skills (Week Number 19 2022)
    3rd Place in category Paid for resetting skills.

    Paid for resetting skills: Gold 23,700
  • Mudcrabs killed Mudcrabs killed (Week Number 49 2021)
    2nd Place in category Mudcrabs killed.

    Mudcrabs killed: 252
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