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ArrowMirabelle Stentor

Breton Daggerfall Covenant Templar

EU Megaserver Mirabelle Stentor

Rank 50
Champion Rank 595 (567,974 / 786,071 XP)
Character assigned to TheHugeDwarf

  • Magicka: 16568
  • Health: 13744
  • Stamina: 7958
On this page you can view the lore books of the selected category for Mirabelle Stentor.

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Shalidor's Library - Dungeon Lore Books 0 / 17 (0%)
  • Arx Corinium: First Seed Report
  • Burning Vestige, Vol. I
  • Civility and Etiquette V. 5: Undead
  • Civility and Etiquette: Wood Orcs I
  • Josef the Intolerant
  • Soul-Trapping I: An Introduction
  • Tempest Island Briefing
  • The Art of Kwama Egg Cooking
  • The Binding Stone
  • The Thief God's Treasures
  • To All Who Pass Through
  • To Posterity
  • War Weather
  • Wayrest Sewers: A Short History
  • What is Volendrung?
  • Where Magical Paths Meet
  • With Regards to the Ebony Blade