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Breton Daggerfall Covenant Sorcerer

EU Megaserver Lightning-FarronMain

Master Wizard
Rank 50
Champion Rank 88 (285,434 / 400,000 XP)
Character assigned to Cenora

  • Magicka: 12065
  • Health: 10574
  • Stamina: 8513
A list of all provisioning recipes known by Lightning-Farron.

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Recipes 150 / 570 (26%)

Recently learned recipes

Khajiiti Sweet-Stuffed Duck Khajiiti Sweet-Stuffed DuckAdded on 08/15/2015 - Category: Savouries Rank 50
Saint Pelin's Tawny Port Saint Pelin's Tawny PortAdded on 08/13/2015 - Category: Liqueurs Rank 50
Fyr's Hyperagonal Potation Fyr's Hyperagonal PotationAdded on 08/13/2015 - Category: Tonics Rank 50

Recipe overview