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Breton Daggerfall Covenant Sorcerer

EU Megaserver Lightning-FarronMain

Master Wizard
Rank 50
Champion Rank 88 (285,434 / 400,000 XP)
Character assigned to Cenora

  • Magicka: 12065
  • Health: 10574
  • Stamina: 8513
On this page you can view the lore books of the selected category for Lightning-Farron.

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Eidetic Memory - Skill Books Books 0 / 89 (0%)
  • A Grifter's Apology
  • A Hero's Weapon
  • A Hypothetical Treachery, Part 1
  • A New Recipe?
  • A Request for Relief
  • A World of Corpses
  • Achieving Harmony with Death
  • Advances in Lockpicking
  • Alchemy Practicum
  • Alchemy: Discovering Traits
  • An Archer's Archive
  • Ardent Flame: Draconic or Endemic?
  • Armor of Myth and Legend
  • Aura of the Righteous
  • Azarrid's Race
  • Baandari Mutton Stew
  • Benevolent Necromancy, it Exists
  • Bliss
  • Bowyer and Fletcher
  • Call to the Faithful
  • Cantillon's Correspondence
  • Ceryolminwe's Translation
  • Chronicles of Ehtelar, Vol. 1
  • Clothier: Light Armor Basics
  • Cooking Mastery, The Easy Way
  • Crush, Slash, Bash, and Stab
  • Dark Magic: Three Pretexts
  • Destruction or Distraction
  • Discomforts of War
  • Enigma of the Runestones
  • Father of the Niben, Fragment One
  • Folly in Fixation
  • Forged in the Heart of Mundus
  • Fundaments of Alchemy
  • Glinting Talons
  • Glyphs and Enchantment
  • Heavy Armor Forging
  • Heavy Armor: A Forge-Wife's Advice
  • How to Win a Fight
  • Husks and Bones
  • Jewels of Yokuda
  • Jornibret's Last Dance
  • Journal of Thracius Mento
  • Legacy of the Dragonguard
  • Mace Etiquette
  • Mazubar-do's Advice
  • Medium Armor: Tannins and Leather
  • Mora'at's Theory of Lightning
  • Mythical Beast, Real Powers
  • Nord Armorers and Armsmen
  • Notes on Racial Phylogeny
  • On the Utility of Shock Magic
  • One Staff, Many Staves
  • Oshgura's Destruction Journal
  • Precepts of Stendarr
  • Principles of Conjuration
  • Prudence in Practice
  • Quotes from the Greats
  • Redoran Cooking Secrets
  • Report: Quality of Recruits
  • Rislav the Righteous, Part 1
  • Rituals of the Harmonious Masters
  • Saving Your Hide
  • Settling the Debate
  • Shadow Draining: A Hypothesis
  • Smithing: A Worthy Endeavor
  • Sorcery is Not Necromancy!
  • Sporting Chance
  • Stendarr's Divine Spear
  • Stepping through Shadows
  • Sword-Wisdom of Saikhalar
  • The Book of Circles: Forging Maxims
  • The Chopping Block
  • The Four Abominations
  • The Friend of All Mortals
  • The Legendary Sancre Tor, 1st Ed.
  • The Masters' Hall
  • The Philosophy of Stealth
  • The Pretension of High Elf Jewelry
  • The Rotwood Enigma
  • The Source of the Bone
  • The Vanishing Crux
  • To Smite with Dragon Claws
  • Treatise on Metallurgical Anomalies
  • Undeniable Truths of Attire
  • Who Are the Wardens?
  • Wulfmare's Guide to Better Thieving
  • Wuunding and Tumult
  • Xil-Go's Spell