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Breton Daggerfall Covenant Templar

NA Megaserver 'Kyriell

Rank 50
Champion Rank 567 (116,639 / 712,097 XP)
Character assigned to Bear
Welcome to the character profile of 'Kyriell!

Character Character Information

Alliance Rank
Tyro Grade 1 Rank 5 - Tyro Grade 1  [293 / 40,000 AP]
Infamy Upstanding
Bounty Gold 0
Last seen in   Unknown zone
Primary residence   No primary residence set
Available skill points 5
Last update 09/10/2016 05:45:34

Riding Skills Riding Skills

Speed 60 % Stamina 0 Capacity 31

Guilds Guilds

Name Characters Alliance Founded
NA Megaserver Angry Unicorn Traders 6,440 Daggerfall Covenant 05/16/2016
NA Megaserver Fundies in Undies 3,871 Daggerfall Covenant 08/22/2014
NA Megaserver Sempiternal Way 4,270 Ebonheart Pact 01/07/2016