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ArrowKojogu Kashuken

Breton Daggerfall Covenant Sorcerer

EU Megaserver Kojogu KashukenMain

Rank 50
Champion Rank 6 (195,720 / 400,000 XP)
Character assigned to Kojogu

  • Magicka: 10733
  • Health: 10208
  • Stamina: 9290
On this page you find the collection category Appearance - Hair Styles for Kojogu Kashuken.

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Unlocked: 0 / 138
Hair Styles
Image Name Active
Adorable Assassin  
Anterior Antlers  
Assassin-Style Sunset Crest  
Balding But Distinguished  
Barbaric Windblown Hair  
Beaded Crested Dreads  
Beaded Dreadacles  
Bedhead Bob  
Braided Ponytail  
Breton Tonsure  
Broad Web Ears  
Bruma Burr Cut  
By Kyne, It's Humid  
Center-Part Long  
Center-Part Medium  
Central Spine Crest  
Coil with Long Fall  
Coil with Ring Braids  
Color Streaked River Braid  
Covenant Lizard-Plumes  
Covenant War-Locks  
Cranial Spine Cluster  
Crest with Pony Braid  
Crested Shag Mullet  
Curly Back Bun  
Curly Mane  
Cutting Edge  
Daedra Horns with Spike Cluster  
Dominion Lizard-Locks  
Dominion War-Locks  
Don't Touch My Pigtails  
Draping Locks  
Dread Turban Bun  
Dreadmax Ponytail  
Dual Forehead Horns  
Dual Hind Horns  
Feathered Headdress  
Feathered Kelp-Scalp  
Fine Upstanding Spines  
Fluttering Forehead Feathers  
Fore-and-Aft Webbed Spike Crest  
Four Sheathed Spikes  
Frisee Pouffee  
Geyser Ponytail  
Herd of Ponies  
Heroic Hind Braid  
Heroic Pony Dreads  
Left-Parted Bob  
Left-Parted Cropped  
Leftside Bun Twist  
Lizard Rhinoceros  
Long Beaded Mane  
Long Cornrows  
Long Crested Dreads  
Long Curly Crown Braid  
Long Elven Braid  
Long Foregathered Mane  
Long Full Dreads  
Long Hind Braid  
Long Matted Mane  
Long Pulled-Back Pony  
Long Rightside Bang  
Long Wild Locks  
Long and Combed Back  
Magenta Rainbow Hair  
Management Material  
Maximum Frisee  
Maximum Ponytail  
Medium Cornrows  
Medium Dread Mane  
Medium Shoulder Mane  
Mid-Parted Shoulder-Length  
Midhair Center Crest  
Mini-Pony with Braids  
Misanthropic Lycanthrope  
Modest Dual Crests  
Multi-Spined Skull Crest  
No Hair Style  
Orsinium Ponytail  
Outrigger Side Spikes  
Pact Lizard Battle Crest  
Pact Veteran's Battle Crest  
Parted Bob Bun  
Ponied Pigtails  
Pony Mullet  
Ponytail with Braidlocks  
Portside Shave  
Pulled Back Curl Cluster  
Quadratic Web Crest  
Ragged Royal Page Cut  
Right-Parted Cropped  
Roostertail Frills  
Rotmeth Hangover Bed-Head  
Seafarer's Crowning Trim  
Shaved Warrior Ponytail  
Shaved Warrior Topknot  
Short Back-Pulled Pony  
Short Dreadacles  
Short Imperial  
Short Mane  
Short Mane with Ponytail  
Short Mussed Wave  
Short Tight Curls  
Short-Spiked Crest  
Shorthair Center Crest  
Shorthair Fuzz Crest  
Sidelong Sweep  
Sideswept Bun  
Six-Spike Parietal Array  
Small Averted Spines  
Spiked Frisee  
Spiky Cranial Cluster  
Spiky Sweptback Updo  
Sweetroll Dreads  
Tall Dual Web Crests  
Tallhair Center Crest  
The Adoring Stand  
The Casual Rascal  
The Heroic Poet  
The New Recruit  
The Spines of Welcome  
The Standing Flame  
The Standing Wave  
The Tousled Bard  
Tight Braided Crown  
Tight-Curled Hair Helmet  
Topknot Ponytail  
Triple Web Crest  
Unruly Bangs  
Warrior Topknots  
Wavy Triple Braided Updo  
White River Braids  
Widespread Cranial Spikes  
Widow's Peak Comb-Back  
Wrapped Horsetail  
Wrapped Pony Dreads  
Wrestler's Buzz Cut