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Please note: As of June 26th an upload with the old client and the old AddOn is no longer possible!

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ArrowKarana Nhujen

Redguard Ebonheart Pact Nightblade

NA Megaserver Karana Nhujen

Rank 50
Champion Rank 1234 (593,725 / 996,200 XP)
Character assigned to Faevara

  • Magicka: 12254
  • Health: 15604
  • Stamina: 29010
Welcome to the character profile of Karana Nhujen!

Character Character Information

Alliance Rank
VeteranGrade 2 Rank 10 - VeteranGrade 2  [127,633 / 160,000 AP]
Infamy Upstanding
Bounty Gold 0
Last seen in   Vvardenfell
Primary residence   Moon-Sugar Meadow
Available skill points 13
Last update 07/02/2020 20:04:05

Riding Skills Riding Skills

Speed 42 % Stamina 1 Capacity 0

Guilds Guilds

Name Characters Alliance Founded
NA Megaserver Collateral Damage Company 30 Daggerfall Covenant 05/17/2020
NA Megaserver Dead Nirn Dealers 2,571 Daggerfall Covenant 07/28/2014
NA Megaserver Mammoth Trading Company 2,038 Ebonheart Pact 09/28/2018
NA Megaserver Sancrelyeis Avenue Market 1,993 Aldmeri Dominion 01/18/2019
NA Megaserver TravelingTorchbug Traders 2,111 Ebonheart Pact 10/08/2018