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High Elf Ebonheart Pact Templar

EU Megaserver Fin'darowen

Spiritblood Champion
Rank 50
Champion Rank 1329 (89,291 / 340,611 XP)
Character assigned to Finrasil
Welcome to the character profile of Fin'darowen!

Character Character Information

Mundus Stone The Shadow
Last update 06/19/2021 16:47:02

Guilds Guilds

Name Characters Alliance Founded
EU Megaserver Legio Civitas 278 Ebonheart Pact 06/14/2020
EU Megaserver Phoenix Assassins 18 Ebonheart Pact 11/28/2017
EU Megaserver Smile 214 Aldmeri Dominion 01/29/2019