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ArrowEna Unlikely

High Elf Daggerfall Covenant Nightblade
Current or former emperor

EU Megaserver Ena Unlikely

Spark of Vengeance
Rank 50
Champion Rank 1984 (126,207 / 737,588 XP)
Character assigned to Nightbreed91

  • Magicka: 33360
  • Health: 19476
  • Stamina: 12240
A list of all provisioning recipes known by Ena Unlikely.

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Recipes 145 / 570 (25%)

Recently learned recipes

Purifying Bloody Mara Purifying Bloody MaraAdded on 06/21/2021 - Category: Delicacies Rank 1
Frosted Brains Frosted BrainsAdded on 06/21/2021 - Category: Delicacies Rank 1
Ghastly Eye Bowl Ghastly Eye BowlAdded on 06/21/2021 - Category: Delicacies Rank 1

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