The new Client will be released on June 26th. The update will be distributed via the update function of the current client. You can also simply download the update on the release day from the download page.

Please note: As of June 26th an upload with the old client and the old AddOn is no longer possible!

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ArrowAsh Crafter of Wem

Dark Elf Ebonheart Pact Nightblade

NA Megaserver Ash Crafter of Wem

Rank 50
Champion Rank 680 (240,603 / 381,237 XP)
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  • Magicka: 14423
  • Health: 14107
  • Stamina: 19417
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Quests 162 / 2077 (7%)

Last completed quests

  • A Charitable Contribution Zone: Other
  • Jewelry Crafting Writ Zone: Other
  • Jewelry Crafting Certification Zone: Other

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