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ArrowAroma Pandora

Argonian Aldmeri Dominion Dragonknight

EU Megaserver Aroma PandoraMain

Rank 50
Champion Rank 131 (283,591 / 400,000 XP)
Character assigned to Akkrima

  • Magicka: 12065
  • Health: 11794
  • Stamina: 7958
On this page you find the collection category Weapon Styles - Two-Handed for Aroma Pandora.

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Unlocked: 0 / 671
Image Name
Abah's Watch Battle Axe  
Abah's Watch Greatsword  
Abah's Watch Maul  
Akaviri Battle Axe 1  
Akaviri Battle Axe 2  
Akaviri Battle Axe 3  
Akaviri Greatsword 1  
Akaviri Greatsword 2  
Akaviri Greatsword 3  
Akaviri Maul 1  
Akaviri Maul 2  
Akaviri Maul 3  
Aldmeri Battle Axe  
Aldmeri Greatsword  
Aldmeri Maul  
Ancestral Akaviri Battle Axe  
Ancestral Akaviri Greatsword  
Ancestral Akaviri Maul  
Ancestral Breton Battle Axe  
Ancestral Breton Greatsword  
Ancestral Breton Maul  
Ancestral High Elf Battle Axe  
Ancestral High Elf Greatsword  
Ancestral High Elf Maul  
Ancestral Nord Battle Axe  
Ancestral Nord Greatsword  
Ancestral Nord Maul  
Ancestral Orc Battle Axe  
Ancestral Orc Greatsword  
Ancestral Orc Maul  
Ancestral Reach Battle Axe  
Ancestral Reach Greatsword  
Ancestral Reach Maul  
Ancient Daedric Battle Axe  
Ancient Daedric Greatsword  
Ancient Daedric Maul  
Ancient Dragon Hunter Greatsword  
Ancient Elf Battle Axe 1  
Ancient Elf Battle Axe 2  
Ancient Elf Greatsword 1  
Ancient Elf Greatsword 2  
Ancient Elf Maul 1  
Ancient Elf Maul 2  
Ancient Orc Battle Axe  
Ancient Orc Greatsword  
Ancient Orc Maul  
Anequina Battle Axe  
Anequina Greatsword  
Anequina Maul  
Annihilarch's Chosen Battle Axe  
Annihilarch's Chosen Greatsword  
Annihilarch's Chosen Maul  
Antiquarian's Pickaxe  
Anvil of Zenithar Greatsword  
Apostle Battle Axe  
Apostle Greatsword  
Apostle Maul  
Argonian Battle Axe 1  
Argonian Battle Axe 2  
Argonian Battle Axe 3  
Argonian Battle Axe 4  
Argonian Greatsword 1  
Argonian Greatsword 2  
Argonian Greatsword 3  
Argonian Greatsword 4  
Argonian Maul 1  
Argonian Maul 2  
Argonian Maul 3  
Argonian Maul 4  
Arkthzand Armory Battle Axe  
Arkthzand Armory Greatsword  
Arkthzand Armory Maul  
Ascendant Lord Greatsword  
Ascendant Order Battle Axe  
Ascendant Order Greatsword  
Ascendant Order Maul  
Ashlander Battle Axe  
Ashlander Greatsword  
Ashlander Maul  
Assassins League Battle Axe  
Assassins League Greatsword  
Assassins League Maul  
Baandari Pedlar Battle Axe  
Balorgh Greatsword  
Barbaric Battle Axe 1  
Barbaric Battle Axe 2  
Barbaric Battle Axe 3  
Barbaric Greatsword 1  
Barbaric Greatsword 2  
Barbaric Greatsword 3  
Barbaric Maul 1  
Barbaric Maul 2  
Barbaric Maul 3  
Baron Zaudrus Maul  
Battleground Runner Bludgeon  
Black Fin Legion Battle Axe  
Black Fin Legion Greatsword  
Black Fin Legion Maul  
Blackreach Vanguard Battle Axe  
Blackreach Vanguard Greatsword  
Blackreach Vanguard Maul  
Bloodforge Battle Axe  
Bloodforge Greatsword  
Bloodforge Maul  
Bloodspawn Battle Axe  
Breton Battle Axe 1  
Breton Battle Axe 2  
Breton Battle Axe 3  
Breton Battle Axe 4  
Breton Greatsword 1  
Breton Greatsword 2  
Breton Greatsword 3  
Breton Greatsword 4  
Breton Maul 1  
Breton Maul 2  
Breton Maul 3  
Breton Maul 4  
Buoyant Armiger Battle Axe  
Buoyant Armiger Greatsword  
Buoyant Armiger Maul  
Cadwell's "Battle Axe"  
Cadwell's "Greatsword"  
Cadwell's "Maul"  
Celestial Battle Axe  
Celestial Greatsword  
Celestial Maul  
Chitinous Battle Axe  
Chitinous Greatsword  
Chitinous Maul  
Chokethorn Greatsword  
Claw-Dance Acolyte Battle Axe  
Claw-Dance Acolyte Greatsword  
Claw-Dance Acolyte Maul  
Coldsnap Goblin Battle Axe  
Coldsnap Goblin Greatsword  
Coldsnap Goblin Maul  
Crimson Oath Battle Axe  
Crimson Oath Greatsword  
Crimson Oath Maul  
Daedric Battle Axe 1  
Daedric Battle Axe 2  
Daedric Battle Axe 3  
Daedric Greatsword 1  
Daedric Greatsword 2  
Daedric Greatsword 3  
Daedric Maul 1  
Daedric Maul 2  
Daedric Maul 3  
Daggerfall Battle Axe  
Daggerfall Greatsword  
Daggerfall Maul  
Dark Brotherhood Battle Axe  
Dark Brotherhood Greatsword  
Dark Brotherhood Maul  
Dark Elf Battle Axe 1  
Dark Elf Battle Axe 2  
Dark Elf Battle Axe 3  
Dark Elf Battle Axe 4  
Dark Elf Greatsword 1  
Dark Elf Greatsword 2  
Dark Elf Greatsword 3  
Dark Elf Greatsword 4  
Dark Elf Maul 1  
Dark Elf Maul 2  
Dark Elf Maul 3  
Dark Elf Maul 4  
Dead-Water Battle Axe  
Dead-Water Greatsword  
Dead-Water Maul  
Deadlands Gladiator Battle Axe  
Deadlands Gladiator Greatsword  
Deadlands Gladiator Maul  
Divine Prosecution Battle Axe  
Divine Prosecution Greatsword  
Divine Prosecution Maul  
Doctrine Ordinator Battle Axe  
Doctrine Ordinator Greatsword  
Doctrine Ordinator Maul  
Domihaus Maul  
Dragon Bone Battle Axe  
Dragon Bone Greatsword  
Dragon Bone Maul  
Dragonguard Battle Axe  
Dragonguard Greatsword  
Dragonguard Maul  
Draugr Battle Axe  
Draugr Greatsword  
Draugr Maul  
Dreadhorn Battle Axe  
Dreadhorn Greatsword  
Dreadhorn Maul  
Dreadsails Battle Axe  
Dreadsails Greatsword  
Dreadsails Maul  
Dremora Battle Axe  
Dremora Greatsword  
Dremora Maul  
Dro-m'Athra Battle Axe  
Dro-m'Athra Greatsword  
Dro-m'Athra Maul  
Drowned Mariner Battle Axe  
Drowned Mariner Greatsword  
Drowned Mariner Maul  
Dwarven Battle Axe 1  
Dwarven Battle Axe 2  
Dwarven Battle Axe 3  
Dwarven Greatsword 1  
Dwarven Greatsword 2  
Dwarven Greatsword 3  
Dwarven Maul 1  
Dwarven Maul 2  
Dwarven Maul 3  
Dwarven Remnant Battle Axe  
Earthgore Maul  
Ebonheart Battle Axe  
Ebonheart Greatsword  
Ebonheart Maul  
Ebonshadow Battle Axe  
Ebonshadow Greatsword  
Ebonshadow Maul  
Ebonsteel Knight Greatsword  
Ebony Battle Axe  
Ebony Blade  
Ebony Greatsword  
Ebony Maul  
Elder Argonian Battle Axe  
Elder Argonian Greatsword  
Elder Argonian Maul  
Elder Dragon Hunter Greatsword  
Encratis's Behemoth Maul  
Engine Guardian Greatsword  
Evergloam Champion Battle Axe  
Evergloam Champion Greatsword  
Evergloam Champion Maul  
Evergreen Battle Axe  
Evergreen Greatsword  
Evergreen Maul  
Fang Lair Battle Axe  
Fang Lair Greatsword  
Fang Lair Maul  
Fanged Worm Battle Axe  
Fanged Worm Greatsword  
Fanged Worm Maul  
Fargrave Guardian Battle Axe  
Fargrave Guardian Greatsword  
Fargrave Guardian Maul  
Fire-Forged Maul  
Firedrake Battle Axe  
Firedrake Greatsword  
Firedrake Maul  
Firesong Battle Axe  
Firesong Greatsword  
Firesong Maul  
Frostcaster Battle Axe  
Frostcaster Greatsword  
Frostcaster Maul  
Galenstone Maul  
Glass Battle Axe  
Glass Greatsword  
Glass Maul  
Glenmoril Wyrd Battle Axe  
Glenmoril Wyrd Greatsword  
Glenmoril Wyrd Maul  
Gloambound Battle Axe  
Gloambound Greatsword  
Gloambound Maul  
Gloomspore Maul  
Grave Dancer Battle Axe  
Grave Dancer Greatsword  
Grave Dancer Maul  
Greymoor Battle Axe  
Greymoor Greatsword  
Greymoor Lycanthrope Greatsword  
Greymoor Maul  
Grim Harlequin Battle Axe  
Grim Harlequin Greatsword  
Grim Harlequin Maul  
Grothdarr Maul  
Grundwulf Greatsword  
Hazardous Alchemy Battle Axe  
Hazardous Alchemy Greatsword  
Hazardous Alchemy Maul  
High Elf Battle Axe 1  
High Elf Battle Axe 2  
High Elf Battle Axe 3  
High Elf Battle Axe 4  
High Elf Greatsword 1  
High Elf Greatsword 2  
High Elf Greatsword 3  
High Elf Greatsword 4  
High Elf Maul 1  
High Elf Maul 2  
High Elf Maul 3  
High Elf Maul 4  
Hlaalu Battle Axe  
Hlaalu Greatsword  
Hlaalu Maul  
Hollowjack Battle Axe  
Hollowjack Greatsword  
Hollowjack Maul  
Honor Guard Battle Axe  
Honor Guard Greatsword  
Honor Guard Maul  
Horned Dragon Battle Axe  
Horned Dragon Greatsword  
Horned Dragon Maul  
House Hexos Battle Axe  
House Hexos Greatsword  
House Hexos Maul  
House Mornard Battle Axe  
House Mornard Greatsword  
House Mornard Maul  
Hungering Void Battle Axe  
Hungering Void Greatsword  
Hungering Void Maul  
Huntsman Battle Axe  
Huntsman Greatsword  
Huntsman Maul  
Iceheart Greatsword  
Icereach Coven Battle Axe  
Icereach Coven Greatsword  
Icereach Coven Maul  
Ilambris Battle Axe  
Imperial Battle Axe 1  
Imperial Battle Axe 2  
Imperial Battle Axe 3  
Imperial Battle Axe 4  
Imperial Champion Battle Axe  
Imperial Champion Greatsword  
Imperial Champion Maul  
Imperial Greatsword 1  
Imperial Greatsword 2  
Imperial Greatsword 3  
Imperial Greatsword 4  
Imperial Maul 1  
Imperial Maul 2  
Imperial Maul 3  
Imperial Maul 4  
Infernal Guardian Maul  
Iron Atronach Battle Axe  
Ivory Brigade Battle Axe  
Ivory Brigade Greatsword  
Ivory Brigade Maul  
Jephrine Paladin Greatsword  
Kargaeda Greatsword  
Khajiit Battle Axe 1  
Khajiit Battle Axe 2  
Khajiit Battle Axe 3  
Khajiit Battle Axe 4  
Khajiit Greatsword 1  
Khajiit Greatsword 2  
Khajiit Greatsword 3  
Khajiit Greatsword 4  
Khajiit Maul 1  
Khajiit Maul 2  
Khajiit Maul 3  
Khajiit Maul 4  
Kjalnar's Nightmare Maul  
Knight of the Circle Maul  
Kra'gh Maul  
Lady Thorn Battle Axe  
Legendary Dragon Greatsword  
Lord Warden's Greatsword  
Lyris Titanborn's Battle Axe  
Lyris's Icereach Battle Axe  
Maarselok Maul  
Malacath Battle Axe  
Malacath Greatsword  
Malacath Maul  
Maniacal Jester Maul  
Maw of the Infernal Maul  
Mazzatun Battle Axe  
Mazzatun Greatsword  
Mazzatun Maul  
Mercenary Battle Axe  
Mercenary Greatsword  
Mercenary Maul  
Meridian Battle Axe  
Meridian Greatsword  
Meridian Maul  
Mighty Chudan Maul  
Militant Ordinator Battle Axe  
Militant Ordinator Greatsword  
Militant Ordinator Maul  
Minotaur Battle Axe  
Minotaur Greatsword  
Minotaur Maul  
Molag Kena Maul  
Moongrave Fane Battle Axe  
Moongrave Fane Greatsword  
Moongrave Fane Maul  
Morag Tong Battle Axe  
Morag Tong Greatsword  
Morag Tong Maul  
Mother Ciannait Greatsword  
Nazaray Battle Axe  
Nerien'eth Greatsword  
New Moon Maul  
New Moon Priest Battle Axe  
New Moon Priest Greatsword  
New Moon Priest Maul  
Nightflame Greatsword  
Nighthollow Battle Axe  
Nighthollow Greatsword  
Nighthollow Maul  
Nord Battle Axe 1  
Nord Battle Axe 2  
Nord Battle Axe 3  
Nord Battle Axe 4  
Nord Carved Battle Axe  
Nord Carved Greatsword  
Nord Carved Maul  
Nord Greatsword 1  
Nord Greatsword 2  
Nord Greatsword 3  
Nord Greatsword 4  
Nord Maul 1  
Nord Maul 2  
Nord Maul 3  
Nord Maul 4  
Oaken Order Battle Axe  
Oaken Order Greatsword  
Oaken Order Maul  
Old Orsinium Battle Axe  
Old Orsinium Greatsword  
Old Orsinium Maul  
Opal Bloodspawn Battle Axe  
Opal Chokethorn Greatsword  
Opal Earthgore Maul  
Opal Engine Guardian Greatsword  
Opal Iceheart Greatsword  
Opal Ilambris Battle Axe  
Opal Lord Warden Greatsword  
Opal Nightflame Greatsword  
Opal Sentinel of Rkugmaz Greatsw  
Opal Swarm Mother Greatsword  
Opal Troll King Battle Axe  
Opal Velidreth Maul  
Orc Battle Axe 1  
Orc Battle Axe 2  
Orc Battle Axe 3  
Orc Battle Axe 4  
Orc Greatsword 1  
Orc Greatsword 2  
Orc Greatsword 3  
Orc Greatsword 4  
Orc Maul 1  
Orc Maul 2  
Orc Maul 3  
Orc Maul 4  
Order of the Hour Battle Axe  
Order of the Hour Greatsword  
Order of the Hour Maul  
Outlaw Battle Axe 1  
Outlaw Battle Axe 2  
Outlaw Battle Axe 3  
Outlaw Greatsword 1  
Outlaw Greatsword 2  
Outlaw Greatsword 3  
Outlaw Maul 1  
Outlaw Maul 2  
Outlaw Maul 3  
Passion Dancer's Battle Axe  
Pellitine Battle Axe  
Pellitine Greatsword  
Pellitine Maul  
Pellitine Outlaw Greatsword  
Pirate Skeleton Maul  
Pit Daemon Battle Axe  
Pit Daemon Greatsword  
Pit Daemon Maul  
Primal Battle Axe 1  
Primal Battle Axe 2  
Primal Battle Axe 3  
Primal Greatsword 1  
Primal Greatsword 2  
Primal Greatsword 3  
Primal Maul 1  
Primal Maul 2  
Primal Maul 3  
Prior Thierric Greatsword  
Psijic Order Battle Axe  
Psijic Order Greatsword  
Psijic Order Maul  
Pyandonean Battle Axe  
Pyandonean Greatsword  
Pyandonean Maul  
Pyre Watch Battle Axe  
Pyre Watch Greatsword  
Pyre Watch Maul  
Ra Gada Battle Axe  
Ra Gada Greatsword  
Ra Gada Maul  
Redguard Battle Axe 1  
Redguard Battle Axe 2  
Redguard Battle Axe 3  
Redguard Battle Axe 4  
Redguard Greatsword 1  
Redguard Greatsword 2  
Redguard Greatsword 3  
Redguard Greatsword 4  
Redguard Maul 1  
Redguard Maul 2  
Redguard Maul 3  
Redguard Maul 4  
Redoran Battle Axe  
Redoran Greatsword  
Redoran Maul  
Reefborn Battle Axe  
Refabricated Battle Axe  
Refabricated Greatsword  
Refabricated Maul  
Regal Regalia Greatsword  
Rkindaleft Dwarven Battle Axe  
Rkindaleft Dwarven Greatsword  
Rkindaleft Dwarven Maul  
Rueful Axe  
Runepriest's Greatsword  
Saberkeel Armaments Battle Axe  
Sai Sahan's Greatsword  
Sapiarch Battle Axe  
Sapiarch Greatsword  
Sapiarch Maul  
Scalecaller Battle Axe  
Scalecaller Dragonflame Maul  
Scalecaller Greatsword  
Scalecaller Maul  
Scourge Harvester Maul  
Sea Giant Battle Axe  
Sea Giant Greatsword  
Sea Giant Maul  
Second Legion Battle Axe  
Second Legion Greatsword  
Second Legion Maul  
Selene Greatsword  
Sellistrix Battle Axe  
Sentinel of Rkugamz Battle Axe  
Shadowrend Greatsword  
Shield of Senchal Battle Axe  
Shield of Senchal Greatsword  
Shield of Senchal Maul  
Silken Ring Battle Axe  
Silken Ring Greatsword  
Silken Ring Maul  
Silver Dawn Battle Axe  
Silver Dawn Greatsword  
Silver Dawn Maul  
Silver Rose Battle Axe  
Silver Rose Greatsword  
Silver Rose Maul  
Silyanorn Ayleid Maul  
Skaal Explorer Battle Axe  
Skaal Explorer Greatsword  
Skaal Explorer Maul  
Skinchanger Battle Axe  
Skinchanger Greatsword  
Skinchanger Maul  
Slimecraw Maul  
Soul Shriven Battle Axe  
Soul Shriven Greatsword  
Soul Shriven Maul  
Soulrazer Battle Axe  
Spawn of Mephala Maul  
Spellscar Lithoarms Battle Axe  
Stags of Z'en Battle Axe  
Stags of Z'en Greatsword  
Stags of Z'en Maul  
Steadfast Society Battle Axe  
Steadfast Society Greatsword  
Steadfast Society Maul  
Stonekeeper Maul  
Stormfist Maul  
Stormlord Battle Axe  
Stormlord Greatsword  
Stormlord Maul  
Sul-Xan Battle Axe  
Sul-Xan Greatsword  
Sul-Xan Maul  
Sunspire Battle Axe  
Sunspire Greatsword  
Sunspire Maul  
Swarm Mother Greatsword  
Sword of Jyggalag  
Swordthane Battle Axe  
Swordthane Greatsword  
Swordthane Maul  
Symphony of Blades Greatsword  
Syrabanic Marine Battle Axe  
Syrabanic Marine Greatsword  
Syrabanic Marine Maul  
Systres Guardian Battle Axe  
Systres Guardian Greatsword  
Systres Guardian Maul  
Telvanni Battle Axe  
Telvanni Greatsword  
Telvanni Maul  
The Maelstrom's Battle Axe  
The Maelstrom's Greatsword  
The Maelstrom's Maul  
Thieves Guild Battle Axe  
Thieves Guild Greatsword  
Thieves Guild Maul  
Thorn Legion Battle Axe  
Thorn Legion Greatsword  
Thorn Legion Maul  
Thurvokun Maul  
Timbercrow Battle Axe  
Timbercrow Greatsword  
Timbercrow Maul  
Tools of Domination Battle Axe  
Tools of Domination Greatsword  
Tools of Domination Maul  
Tremorscale Battle Axe  
Trinimac Battle Axe  
Trinimac Greatsword  
Trinimac Maul  
Troll King Battle Axe  
True-Sworn Battle Axe  
True-Sworn Greatsword  
True-Sworn Maul  
Tsaesci Battle Axe  
Tsaesci Greatsword  
Tsaesci Maul  
Unfeathered Battle Axe  
Unfeathered Greatsword  
Unfeathered Maul  
Valkyn Skoria Greatsword  
Valorous Sovngarde Greatsword  
Velidreth Maul  
Voriplasm Battle Axe  
Vykosa Maul  
Waking Flame Battle Axe  
Waking Flame Greatsword  
Waking Flame Maul  
Wayward Guardian Battle Axe  
Wayward Guardian Greatsword  
Wayward Guardian Maul  
Welkynar Battle Axe  
Welkynar Greatsword  
Welkynar Maul  
Witchmother's Servant Battle Axe  
Witchmother's Servant Greatsword  
Witchmother's Servant Maul  
Wood Elf Battle Axe 1  
Wood Elf Battle Axe 2  
Wood Elf Battle Axe 3  
Wood Elf Battle Axe 4  
Wood Elf Greatsword 1  
Wood Elf Greatsword 2  
Wood Elf Greatsword 3  
Wood Elf Greatsword 4  
Wood Elf Maul 1  
Wood Elf Maul 2  
Wood Elf Maul 3  
Wood Elf Maul 4  
Worm Cult Battle Axe  
Worm Cult Greatsword  
Worm Cult Maul  
Xivkyn Battle Axe  
Xivkyn Greatsword  
Xivkyn Maul  
Y'ffre's Will Battle Axe  
Y'ffre's Will Greatsword  
Y'ffre's Will Maul  
Yokudan Battle Axe 1  
Yokudan Greatsword 1  
Yokudan Maul 1  
Zaan Greatsword