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ArrowAroma Pandora

Argonian Aldmeri Dominion Dragonknight

EU Megaserver Aroma PandoraMain

Rank 50
Champion Rank 131 (283,591 / 400,000 XP)
Character assigned to Akkrima

  • Magicka: 12065
  • Health: 11794
  • Stamina: 7958
On this page you find the collection category Appearance - Head Markings for Aroma Pandora.

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Unlocked: 0 / 290
Head Markings
Image Name Active
Abyssal Embrace Face Markings  
Alftand Glacial Face Tattoos  
Ancient Dragon Face Marks  
Anequine Oasis Eyes  
Assorted Smaller Scars  
Automaton Face Tattoos  
Azure Eyes  
Azure Sky Blue Lip Tint  
Bards College Skald Face Marks  
Battle-Scarred Visage  
Black Ballista Face  
Black Bleeding Right Eye  
Black Brow, Cheeks, Chin  
Black Brows, Red Strokes  
Black Cheek & Chin Bars  
Black Cross with Right Top Bar  
Black Cross, Cheek Diagonals  
Black Eye Pools, Red Crossbar  
Black Eyeliner and Lips  
Black Eyeliner, Blue Lips  
Black Forehead, Blue Strokes  
Black Forehead, Green Strokes  
Black Mask, Lips Sealed  
Black Paint Domino Mask  
Black Pointy Paint Pattern  
Black Radiant Paint Smears  
Black Scoops with Pendants  
Black and Red X Domino  
Blessed Life-Tree Face Markings  
Blood Fangs and Eye Shadow  
Bloodred Sunken Eyes  
Bloodrune Face Markings  
Bloody Muzzle, Cheeks, & Brow  
Bloody V Face Cradle  
Bloody Zigzag Cheeks  
Blue Ballista Face  
Blue and Coal Skull  
Bright-Throat Algae Face Tattoo  
Bright-Throat Chalk Face Tattoo  
Bright-Throat Woad Face Tattoo  
Bright-Throat Yolk Face Tattoo  
Brow Shield, Cheek Chevrons  
Brow and Snout Scars  
Brown Brow & Cheek Chevrons  
Brown Brow, Cheeks, Chin  
Brown Cheek and Chin Bars  
Brown Concentric Paint Rings  
Brown Diagonal Cheek Bars  
Brown Pointy Paint Pattern  
Brown Radiant Diagonals  
Brown Scoops with Pendants  
Brown Vertical Eye Smears  
Buoyant Armiger Face Tattoo  
Burn-Scarred Nose and Chin  
Central Black Lip Smear  
Chalk and Coal Scale Skull  
Chalk and Coal Skull  
Chalky White Lips  
Chevron Head Paint  
Chevron Headwrap  
Chittering Chaurus Face Markings  
Claw-Scarred Brow and Nose  
Climbing Briar Face Tattoo  
Clockwork Apostle Face Imprints  
Concentric Blood Rings  
Conjurer's Eyes  
Copper Bug Leg Tattoos  
Covenant Warrior Face Tattoos  
Crimson Flame Lipstick  
Crimson Trickster Face Paint  
Dagon's Aspirant Face Markings  
Dark Eyeliner  
Dark Moons Headwrap  
Dark Red Lip Dye  
Darloc's Golden Eyes  
Dead-Water Blood Face Tattoos  
Death Dealer Facial Markings  
Death Grin Face Tattoo  
Deep Black Sunken Eyes  
Defensive Rune Face Tattoos  
Dominion Warrior Head Tattoos  
Double Diagonal Face Warpaint  
Double-Scarred Left Eye  
Draco Aerius Face Markings  
Dragon Cult Face Tattoo  
Dragon Vassal Face Markings  
Dragon Wings Face Markings  
Dragonbone Chain Face Marking  
Dragondancer Facial Markings  
Dragonsmoke Face Markings  
Dreadhorn Face Tattoo  
Dreadsail Face Tattoo  
Dremora Kyn Face Tattoo  
Dremora's Kiss Purple Lip Tint  
Druidic Knotwork Face Tattoos  
Dwarven Centurion Face Tattoos  
Dwarven Geometry Face Markings  
Dwemer Face Markings  
Eagle Plume Face Tattoo  
Ebon Dwemer Face Marking  
Elder Dragon Face Marks  
Eldertide Face Ink  
Enchanting Cherry Blossom Visage  
Eye of Shalidor Face Markings  
Eye-Briar Gemmed Tattoo  
Eyes of S'rendarr  
Eyes of Sanguine  
Eyes of Umaril  
Eyes of the Scamp  
Eyes of the Xivilai  
Face Imprint of the Psijic Order  
Fargrave Soullattice Face Marks  
Fire Cyclone Face Markings  
Firesong Face Art  
First Cat's Pride Tattoo  
Five Red Rings  
Floral Skull Face Tattoo  
Forsaken Sacrifice Face Markings  
Fortune's Anvil Face Markings  
Frigid Impact Face Marking  
Frigid Ritual Face Markings  
Gargoyle Facial Flair  
Geometric Brow Scars  
Ghost Goblin Face War Paint  
Glenmoril Wyrd Face Markings  
Gloomlurker Face Markings  
Gold Lips and Eyeliner  
Grave Plunderer Facepaint  
High Isle Mariner's Face Tattoos  
Hircine's Hunt Face Markings  
Horror Within Face Markings  
Hrokkibeg's Claw Face Marks  
Hunting Grounds Face Tattoo  
Inferno Ink Face Markings  
Inkwing Death Crow Face Tattoo  
Karthwatch Guardian Face Tattoo  
Karthwolf Face Tattoo  
Ket Keptu Face Marks  
Knights of St. Pelin Face Marks  
Lambent Guar Face Markings  
Large Black-and-Blue Domino  
Left Black Triangle Smear  
Left Cheek Diagonal Scar  
Left Cheek-Chin Diagonal Scar  
Left Diagonal Snout Scar  
Left Eye Diagonal Scar  
Left Eye Topographic Spiral  
Left Side Half-Brown Smear  
Left Side Half-Chalk Smear  
Left Side Half-Coal Smear  
Left Side Half-Green Smear  
Left Side Half-Red Smear  
Legendary Dragon Face Marks  
Lunar Lattice Headwrap  
Maddening Mishap Face Markings  
Many Small Healed Scars  
Mask of Black Triangles  
Mask of Copper Triangles  
Meridian Radiance Face Tattoos  
Meridian Sunburst Face Tattoos  
Meridian War Burst Face Markings  
Mirthless Mirror Face Paint  
Morag Tong Face Tattoo  
Morthal Champion Face Markings  
Mystic Magicka Flow Face Tattoos  
Namira's Icky Black Leg Tats  
Necromantic Sigil Face Tattoos  
Netchspot Abstraction Face Marks  
New Moon Cultist Face Tattoo  
No Head Marking  
Nocturnal Indigo Lip Tint  
Nocturnal Outlaw Face Tattoo  
Nose-Radiant Blood Smears  
Oak's Promise Face Marks  
Obnoxious Mute Face Paint  
Old Salt Face Tattoos  
Pact Warrior Face Tattoos  
Paint Mask plus Cheek Smears  
Path of Valor Face Markings  
Plague Dragon Face Stains  
Prankster Purple Face Paint  
Pride of Alkosh Face Marks  
Purple Paint Cheek Slashes  
Raconteur Red Face Paint  
Radiant Blue Strokes on Black  
Radiant Red Strokes on Black  
Radiant Ritual Brow Scars  
Reach Rebel Face Markings  
Red Ballista Face  
Red Bleeding Right Eye  
Red Block Scale Lines  
Red Brow Dots & Eye Lines  
Red Bullseye Face Paint  
Red Concentric Face Rings  
Red Diamond Face Stainwork  
Red Eye Mask with Drips  
Red Magicka Eyes  
Red Over-Nose Blood Bridle  
Red Paint Brows and Goatee  
Red Paint Diagonal Slashes  
Red Paint Double Square  
Red Paint Face Tentacles  
Red Paint Radiant Strokes  
Red Slash Eye Accent  
Red Sunken Eye Smears  
Red Zigzag Domino  
Red and Black Death Mask  
Regal Eagle Wing Face Tattoo  
Riften Rogue Face Markings  
Right Brow Scar  
Right Cheek-Chin Diagonal Scar  
Right Diagonal Snout Scar  
Right Eye Scar  
Right Side Half-Blue Smear  
Right Side Half-Coal Smear  
Rivet Scars: Cheeks and Forehead  
Royal Purple Lipstick  
Saint Kaladas Face Markings  
Saliache Scholar Face Markings  
Sanguine's Rose Red Lip Tint  
Scarred Right Brow and Cheek  
Scarred Right Eye  
Scars, Cheek and Left Eye  
Scrying Eye Psijic Face Tattoo  
Senchal Brigand Face Tattoo  
Serpent Scale Face Marking  
Serpentine Interlace Face Tattoo  
Shadow Stripe Headwrap  
Shadows of Blackwood Face Marks  
Shagrath's Favor Face Marks  
Shattered Chivalry Face Tattoo  
Skald's Face Branding  
Small Diagonal Snout Scar  
Spiderkith Eyes  
Spidermouth Scars  
Spoked Skull Face Tattoo  
Squarejaw Headwrap  
Stonelore's Legend Face Paint  
Stormsurge Face Markings  
Subtle Blue Eye Shadow  
Subtle Freckles  
Subtle Natural Makeup  
Subtle Red Eye Shadow  
Sul-Xan Prophet Face Markings  
Sul-Xan Raider Face Markings  
Sunken Eyes with Insect Legs  
Tenmar Leopard Face Marks  
The Aurbic Eye  
The Black Drake's Face Warpaint  
This One Would Like a New Nose  
This One's Very Worn Nose  
This One's Worn Nose  
Thorns of Ecstasy Face Marks  
Thrall's Arterial Map Face Marks  
Touch of the Draoife Face Marks  
Triptych Motion Face Markings  
Trophy of Balorgh Facial Tattoo  
Twilight Wings Face Tattoo  
Umbral Snarl Face Markings  
Uricanbeg Antlers Face Tattoo  
Uricanbeg the Stag Face Tattoo  
V-Y-Y Black Paint Strokes  
V-Y-Y Brown Paint Strokes  
Verdant Skull Face Tattoo  
Vertical Black Fang Strokes  
Vertical Blue Strokes on Black  
Vertical Eye Mask Smears  
Vertical Red Eye Smears  
Vertical Red Strokes on Black  
Viridian Valor Face Markings  
Warrior-Poet Face Tattoos  
Warrior-Poet Skull Tattoo  
Werewolf Claw Face Scars  
White Highlight Lip Dye  
Whiterun Windracer Face Markings  
Wild Vines Face Tattoo  
Winged Brows  
Wings of Darkness Face Tattoos  
Wolf of Solitude Face Markings  
Wyrd Root Face Tattoo  
Wyrd Sight  
Xivilai Cruelean Linework Visage  
Xivilai Gleamwoe Linework Visage  
Xivilai Rubyfire Linework Visage  
Xivilai Vilegilt Linework Visage  
Xivilai Weltwine Linework Visage  
Y'ffelon's Face Brand  
Ysgramor's Chosen Face Marking