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ArrowAmelia Cousland

Imperial Daggerfall Covenant Nightblade

EU Megaserver Amelia CouslandMain

Battleground Butcher
Rank 50
Champion Rank 687 (316,494 / 384,811 XP)
Character assigned to Cousland

  • Magicka: 10663
  • Health: 15118
  • Stamina: 31002
A list of the recipes from the category Meat Dishes of Amelia Cousland.

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Meat Dishes Recipes 34 / 42 (81%)

Meat Dishes Recipes

Chicken Breast Chicken BreastAdded on 05/19/2016 Rank 1
Fishy Stick Fishy StickAdded on 07/06/2015 Rank 1
Roast Pig Roast PigRecipe not yet learned Rank 1
Flank Steak Flank SteakAdded on 07/06/2015 Rank 5
Grilled Hare Grilled HareRecipe not yet learned Rank 5
Roast Venison Roast VenisonRecipe not yet learned Rank 5
Hunter's Pie Hunter's PieRecipe not yet learned Rank 10
Rabbit Pasty Rabbit PastyAdded on 07/06/2015 Rank 10
Tarragon Chicken Tarragon ChickenRecipe not yet learned Rank 10
Pan-Fried Trout Pan-Fried TroutAdded on 01/17/2016 Rank 15
Rabbit Millet Pilaf Rabbit Millet PilafAdded on 05/19/2016 Rank 15
Stir-Fried Garlic Beef Stir-Fried Garlic BeefAdded on 10/06/2015 Rank 15
Breton Pork Sausage Breton Pork SausageAdded on 07/06/2015 Rank 20
Venison Pasty Venison PastyRecipe not yet learned Rank 20
Whiterun Cheese-Baked Trout Whiterun Cheese-Baked TroutAdded on 09/17/2018 Rank 20
Cheese Pork Schnitzel Cheese Pork SchnitzelAdded on 07/06/2015 Rank 25
Chicken and Biscuits Chicken and BiscuitsRecipe not yet learned Rank 25
Salted Cod Salted CodRecipe not yet learned Rank 25
Elinhir Roast Antelope Elinhir Roast AntelopeAdded on 07/30/2018 Rank 30
Hare in Garlic Sauce Hare in Garlic SauceAdded on 02/20/2016 Rank 30
Senchal Curry Fish and Rice Senchal Curry Fish and RiceAdded on 07/06/2015 Rank 30
Bruma Jugged Rabbit Bruma Jugged RabbitAdded on 08/16/2015 Rank 35
Camlorn Pork Sausage Camlorn Pork SausageAdded on 07/06/2015 Rank 35
Crispy Cheddar Chicken Crispy Cheddar ChickenAdded on 08/31/2015 Rank 35
Mammoth Snout Pie Mammoth Snout PieAdded on 07/06/2015 Rank 40
Rabbit Haunch with Cheese Grits Rabbit Haunch with Cheese GritsAdded on 09/21/2015 Rank 40
Stros M'Kai Grilled Seagull Stros M'Kai Grilled SeagullAdded on 02/20/2016 Rank 40
Akaviri Pork Fried Rice Akaviri Pork Fried RiceAdded on 08/16/2015 Rank 45
Blacklight Oxen Meatballs Blacklight Oxen MeatballsAdded on 10/06/2015 Rank 45
Solstheim Elk and Scuttle Solstheim Elk and ScuttleAdded on 09/13/2015 Rank 45
Argonian Saddle-Cured Rabbit Argonian Saddle-Cured RabbitAdded on 07/06/2015 Rank 50
Crawdad Quiche Crawdad QuicheAdded on 07/26/2015 Rank 50
Curried Kwama Scrib Risotto Curried Kwama Scrib RisottoAdded on 04/07/2016 Rank 50
Dunmeri Jerked Horse Haunch Dunmeri Jerked Horse HaunchAdded on 07/12/2015 Rank 50
Garlic-and-Pepper Venison Steak Garlic-and-Pepper Venison SteakAdded on 09/06/2015 Rank 50
Grilled Timber Mammoth Kebabs Grilled Timber Mammoth KebabsAdded on 07/26/2015 Rank 50
Kwama Egg Quiche Kwama Egg QuicheAdded on 07/27/2015 Rank 50
Lilmoth Garlic Hagfish Lilmoth Garlic HagfishAdded on 11/13/2015 Rank 50
Millet and Beef Stuffed Peppers Millet and Beef Stuffed PeppersAdded on 11/13/2015 Rank 50
Millet-Stuffed Pork Loin Millet-Stuffed Pork LoinAdded on 07/06/2015 Rank 50
Orcish Bratwurst on Bun Orcish Bratwurst on BunAdded on 07/25/2015 Rank 50
The Skald-King's Patty Melt The Skald-King's Patty MeltAdded on 07/27/2015 Rank 50