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Thelist of codex entries of the antiquity Silver Wish Medallion in the ESO-Database.

Shadowfen Antiquities Codex - Silver Wish Medallion

  • Amalien At first glance, I thought this was an oversized coin. Clavicus Vile's unmistakable image often appears on early currency intended as an offering to the Daedra. But the hinged clasp shows it was meant to be worn. What is this other figure here?
  • Verita Numida Based on the region, the posture of supplication to Vile, and the obvious lack of any clothing, I believe the figure to be Kothringi. This must date to before their shift to worship of Z'en. Or belong to a lone cult that held on to the old ways.
  • Gabrielle Benele Analysis shows that the medallion is extremely old—early Merethic era or even perhaps before. But that makes no sense so perhaps my ritual was faulty. Also, despite appearances this isn't silver. It's some other metal I haven't seen before. Strange.