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Thelist of codex entries of the antiquity House Tamrith Official Seal in the ESO-Database.

Rivenspire Antiquities Codex - House Tamrith Official Seal

  • Gabrielle Benele It's remarkable how little the Tamrith house seal has changed over the course of centuries. It makes this hard to date, but it's real and it's old. Impressive, since these were widely counterfeited during King Ranser's war to falsify correspondence.
  • Verita Numida The telltale mark of authenticity here is the inscription. It's written in Aldmeris, signifying pride in their Elven heritage. Breton nobility ceased the practice around the time that High Rock joined the Alessian Empire.
  • Amalien The inscription appears to be: "By Arkay's grace we live and die, but there is no end to the Tamrith line." I'd say they were tempting fate with that credo, but they've made good on their word thus far.