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Thelist of codex entries of the antiquity Silvenari Sap-Stone in the ESO-Database.

Malabal Tor Antiquities Codex - Silvenari Sap-Stone

  • Gabrielle Benele A sap relic that didn't come from Black Marsh? What a welcome surprise! I've never seen such a beautiful Wood Elf antiquity. I associate the Bosmer so much with bone, and rotmeth, and insect parts that I forget what wonders the Green Pact can produce!
  • Verita Numida Yes. Almost makes one wonder why the Wood Elves don't request other things, like clothes that don't smell like old mammoth cheese. I've never seen a tree in Malabal Tor leak sap like this. Could it have come from Falinesti?
  • Amalien The graht-oak of Silvenar produces objects like this from time to time, but only at the urging of the Silvenar himself. Someone well-attuned to the Green could probably coax some Y'ffrine miracle out of it, but that's well outside our capabilities!