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Thelist of codex entries of the antiquity Hollowbone Wind Chimes in the ESO-Database.

Malabal Tor Antiquities Codex - Hollowbone Wind Chimes

  • Verita Numida Well, this is unmistakably Wood Elf craft. Granted, I haven't spent as much time around the Bosmer as Ugron and Amalien, but I'm fairly certain you can find chimes like this in present day settlements. Still ... I sense something peculiar here.
  • Amalien It's the teeth, Verita! I've never seen fangs like that on a Wood Elf chime. Did you notice those brass rings? Why use metal to hang something when gut and sinew would do? I wager those teeth belong to rare quarry. A long extinct beast, perhaps!
  • Ugron gro-Thumog Yeah, I'm no naturalist, but those teeth look closer to swamp leviathan fangs than sabre cat cuspids. We might have proof of an Oddoak—ugly shape-shifting beasts that Y'ffre charged the Wood Elves with slaying back in the Merethic. Good find.