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ArrowCodex - Stonelore Circle Effigy

Thelist of codex entries of the antiquity Stonelore Circle Effigy in the ESO-Database.

High Isle Antiquities Codex - Stonelore Circle Effigy

  • Ugron gro-Thumog An excellent find. An early example of druidic craftsmanship from the Systres Archipelago, I think. You can tell based on the knotwork around the edges, wyrd symbology from elsewhere uses entirely different patterns.
  • Gabrielle Benele Observe, too, how they've explored the concept of the True Way through various symbolic imagery. The transition between pre-circle and post-circle culture is still evident, with some elements disappearing even a few years after this piece was made.
  • Ugron gro-Thumog One of the elements I find most interesting is these leftover reliefs showcasing the Archdruid. A figure of great debate among scholars, after the breaking of the druids into different sects his symbology disappears almost overnight.