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Thelist of codex entries of the antiquity Antique Map of High Isle in the ESO-Database.

High Isle Antiquities Codex - Antique Map of High Isle

  • Reginus Buca This looks to be a map of High Isle, but there are some ports I've never heard of. Rockroost? Castle Notte? I'll study it more closely, but that may take some time. The parchment is very thin and weathered. This map must be exceedingly old.
  • Amalien See that smudge in the corner? It looks like there was something drawn there! The basic outline isn't familiar, perhaps a druid made it? Their symbols put even Aldmeri runes to shame in terms of intricacy!
  • Verita Numida That smudge--as you so inaccurately put it--is an eighth of the sigil of Admiral Bendu Olo. If this map of High Isle bears his personal seal, and not that of the Empire, then it likely dates beck to 1E 2241.