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Thelist of codex entries of the antiquity Sea Elf Galleon Helm in the ESO-Database.

High Isle Antiquities Codex - Sea Elf Galleon Helm

  • Reginus Buca A fascinating design, not something you're likely to see in a Tamrielic navy, obviously. Its origin is no doubt Pyandonea, the home of the Sea Elves. Though, it's worth noting, their designs tend to be more pragmatic than this extravagant piece.
  • Verita Numida The traditional serpent head design is also absent. I believe this is a helm from the fleet of Admiral Uhlchesis, a cultist of Hermaeus Mora and scourge of the Eltheric Ocean.
  • Reginus Buca It's said that Admiral Uhlchesis' fleet raided the shores of Alinor more than a dozen times before his dark master called him to Apocrypha. They sacked enough gold for a hundred helms, though most of his ships were thought lost after their leader left Nirn.