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Thelist of codex entries of the antiquity Lurker-skin Sheath in the ESO-Database.

High Isle Antiquities Codex - Lurker-skin Sheath

  • Gabrielle Benele Sclerotic Tentacle This has to be one of the most distasteful antiquities I've ever had to catalogue. It's still twitching. This tentacle matches the description of no living being on Nirn. Clearly a Daedric relic of some kind.
  • Ugron gro-Thumog Sclerotic Tentacle Runes have been etched quite deftly into the soft flesh. Hmm. Hard to make out what this inscription means, but I can make out Hekhem and Meht. Tentative examination suggests it is from a Daedric Watcher.
  • Reginus Buca Sclerotic Tentacle Never seen anything quite like it. It appears to have been harvested for some dark purpose. Honestly, it appears ready to crawl across my face and push through my nostril. I'd strongly advise caution.
  • Gabrielle Benele Twitching Eyeball A most distressing relic, I must say. This thing is still leaking ocular fluid? It is not an eye from a mortal race, I can tell you that. Leaving further examination for colleagues with stronger stomachs.
  • Ugron gro-Thumog Twitching Eyeball I can confirm this unusual relic comes from no creature of Nirn. My assumption is that it might be from a Daedric Watcher, but that would be pure conjecture. I imagine it has a deeply unpleasant smell.
  • Reginus Buca Twitching Eyeball The normally soft and pliable sclera has a hard, almost keratin-esque quality to it. I wouldn't advise handling it with bare hands. Objects like this often leave stains that are impossible to wash off.
  • Gabrielle Benele Seeker-sinew Thread Coils and coils of this thread, definitely made from the sinews of a Daedra.I sense an unpleasant warmth still radiating from the relic. Why a Seeker's corpse would be utilized in such a fashion is hard to fathom.
  • Ugron gro-Thumog Seeker-sinew Thread I contacted a colleague from the Mages Guild to have a look at this. A great deal of magicka was expended during its creation. According to my associate, close examination of the relic could result in a splitting headache and a long bout of aphasia.
  • Reginus Buca Seeker-sinew Thread I took some time to reread Elizanev's Treatise on Otherworldly Garments. Apparently, when threaded through a needle and sewn into a piece of linen, this thread will make the linen move and undulate in a distasteful and organic fashion. Horrific!
  • Reginus Buca Bloodshot Oculus I believe this eyeball twitches to stare at me while I'm not looking. Unsettling, to say the least. Deadric origin, I believe, but which Deadra? Unsure.
  • Ugron gro-Thumog Bloodshot Oculus I took a tome on Daedric oddities from the shelf, and by Mauloch, I think the eye followed my hand straight to the text. As if it was reading it. Has to be a Watcher eyeball, right? Right?
  • Gabrielle Benele Bloodshot Oculus This thing definitely moves of its own accord, but I don't know if that indicates life, or just an unsettling enchantment. I'm obliged to wonder, if this eye can perceive what we're doing, is there someone watching on the other end?
  • Gabrielle Benele Lurker-skin Sheath This armor sheathing bears more than a passing resemblance to the skin of the creatures known as Lurkers. These beings serve the Daedric Prince Hermaeus Mora, and are rarely seen beyond the plane of Apocrypha.
  • Ugron gro-Thumog Lurker-skin Sheath By examining the edges of this sheathing, I've noted that this skin appears to have been harvested from a living being. Whether this was done willingly or not is hard to tell.
  • Reginus Buca Lurker-skin Sheath Well noted, Ugron, but the skin lives still. My research indicates that some sort of alchemical treatment might be preserving this sheathing in a state of quasi-life. Further study is required. Unfortunately.