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Thelist of codex entries of the antiquity Carved Whale Totem in the ESO-Database.

Eastmarch Antiquities Codex - Carved Whale Totem

  • Ugron gro-Thumog A whale totem, eh? The Nord god, Stuhn, still has totemic roots. Never seen something like this hewn from opal, though. You typically only see this kind of stone in Elsweyr. Can't imagine the Atmorans traded with the Khajiit prior to the Dragon War.
  • Amalien I recognize the Stuhn connection, but this statue feels less devotional than other Stuhn-precursor carvings I've seen. It feels like a purely aesthetic exercise. See the whorls supporting the whale? Do they look like clouds to anyone else?
  • Reginus Buca Amalien, these rumors of flying whales are patently absurd. Nord warriors "cross the whalebone bridge" to reach Sovngarde. Flying whales are just a cultural metaphor for the transition from Nirn to Aetherius. In any case, they look like waves to me.