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Thelist of codex entries of the antiquity Sacred Chalice of Ysgramor in the ESO-Database.

Eastmarch Antiquities Codex - Sacred Chalice of Ysgramor

  • Amalien Here's a pretty cup. Sturdy, too! This predates the rise of Harald by a few centuries at least. Difficult to identify the figure on the side with certainty, but here's a good rule of thumb: if the artwork predates Harald, it's a depiction of Ysgramor.
  • Reginus Buca Can't say as I approve of such a sweeping principle, but it does tend to be correct. This certainly features Ysgramor, flanked by Atmoran runes.The Draconic silhouettes and ruby inlays clearly indicate this chalice belonged to someone of high station.
  • Verita Numida One of Ysgramor's heirs, no doubt! We identify Harald as the thirteenth in Ysgramor's line, but his forebears likely adorned their weapons, armor, even their silverware with Ysgramor's image. His face would lend legitimacy to any official act.