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Thelist of codex entries of the antiquity Nord Copper Shield Boss in the ESO-Database.

Eastmarch Antiquities Codex - Nord Copper Shield Boss

  • Verita Numida A decorative shield boss, Nordic, mid-4th century First Era. Nord shields grew larger over time in the later years of the Nordic Empire, and accomplished warriors began to adorn the center boss with scrollwork and natural designs.
  • Amalien Lovely! The stylized leaves in the design appear to represent ash trees, renowned for the strength and durability of their wood. Perhaps the owner held a special reverence for the Kynesgrove and sought the Keepers' blessing?
  • Ugron gro-Thumog This belonged to a fighter, not a priest. The ash-leaves are also emblems of Shor's hall that lies in a distant grove of Sovngarde, guarded by god-touched heroes; the bearer of this shield meant to find death in battle and join their ranks.