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Thelist of codex entries of the antiquity Watcher's Ritual Stole in the ESO-Database.

Craglorn Antiquities Codex - Watcher's Ritual Stole

  • Reginus Buca Looks Nedic to me. The stitching makes it irrefutable. The design suggests whoever wore this was important, in a position of power or worship. Maybe it belonged to a member of the Perena's clergy?
  • Gabrielle Benele I'd defer to you and Verita on matters Nedic, but this cloth seems saturated in arcane residue. I've seen the work of hedge mages trying to master "soul magic." This bears all the telltale signs. Did any of the Nedes meddle with anima?
  • Verita Numida Meddle? I suppose. Based on my research, a sect of Nedic mages called the Eternal Watchers, used their souls as a means to lock away a lich called Virmaril the Betrayer. This could belong to one of them.