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An overview of all guilds submitted to the ESO-Database. To add your characters and guilds download and install our ESO-Database Client and start submitting your data.

Guilds Guilds of the ESO-Database

Name Characters Alliance Founded
EU Megaserver xXBankGildezweiXx 18 Aldmeri Dominion 10/28/2019
NA Megaserver XXDolmen Gang dot com 0 Daggerfall Covenant 01/31/2018
EU Megaserver xxegoxx 0 Daggerfall Covenant 11/25/2016
EU Megaserver xXSONSOfDEMONSXx 0 Aldmeri Dominion 10/26/2016
EU Megaserver xXTruePvPKingzXx 0 Ebonheart Pact 01/28/2017
EU Megaserver Y'ffres Zirkel 0 Aldmeri Dominion 04/09/2019
NA Megaserver Yak Shaving Club 0 Daggerfall Covenant 10/20/2015
EU Megaserver Yakuza United 0 Daggerfall Covenant 11/21/2014
NA Megaserver Yank Tank and Spank 0 Aldmeri Dominion 07/31/2016
EU Megaserver Yeah The Boys 0 Aldmeri Dominion 09/24/2019
NA Megaserver Yeeticus Maximus 0 Ebonheart Pact 09/15/2018
NA Megaserver Yellow 0 Aldmeri Dominion 07/19/2015
NA Megaserver Yellow Submarine 0 Aldmeri Dominion 10/01/2015
NA Megaserver Yeti Traders 202 Ebonheart Pact 01/08/2015
EU Megaserver Yggdrasîll 0 Ebonheart Pact 07/31/2015
EU Megaserver Yggdrasils Kinder 103 Aldmeri Dominion 10/27/2018
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