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An overview of all characters submitted to the ESO-Database. To add your characters and guilds download and install our ESO-Database Client and start submitting your data.
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Characters Characters of the ESO-Database

Name Rank Champion Rank Alliance Race Class
EU Megaserver Fenoori 50 1318 Ebonheart Pact Dark Elf Warden
EU Megaserver Ewalynn 50 1451 Ebonheart Pact Dark Elf Dragonknight
EU Megaserver Helvette Erelnette 50 1974 Ebonheart Pact Breton Warden
EU Megaserver Estna Aedus 50 1654 Aldmeri Dominion High Elf Sorcerer
EU Megaserver Euron Juusto 50 1974 Ebonheart Pact Breton Necromancer
EU Megaserver Sammakkokurkku 43 1974 Ebonheart Pact Breton Nightblade
EU Megaserver Soora Moonflower 50 1974 Ebonheart Pact High Elf Nightblade
EU Megaserver Der letzte Versuch 50 2020 Ebonheart Pact High Elf Sorcerer
EU Megaserver Faustel 50 2020 Aldmeri Dominion High Elf Dragonknight
EU Megaserver Bodenprober 50 2020 Daggerfall Covenant Orc Templar
EU Megaserver Lilith von Kaer Morhen 50 1951 Ebonheart Pact High Elf Sorcerer
EU Megaserver Valeriana Belladona 50 1951 Ebonheart Pact High Elf Templar
EU Megaserver Yankeetm 50 2366 Ebonheart Pact Imperial Dragonknight
EU Megaserver Ppffttffs 50 2364 Daggerfall Covenant Nord Dragonknight
EU Megaserver Saxa Vagus 50 2365 Ebonheart Pact Orc Dragonknight
EU Megaserver Zabhada 42 1314 Aldmeri Dominion Khajiit Nightblade
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