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An overview of all characters submitted to the ESO-Database. To add your characters and guilds download and install our ESO-Database Client and start submitting your data.

Characters Characters of the ESO-Database

Name Rank Champion Rank Alliance Race Class
NA Megaserver Bric Masterson 50 1845 Daggerfall Covenant Breton Dragonknight
NA Megaserver Moonkittyy 50 2566 Aldmeri Dominion Breton Templar
EU Megaserver Runs-with-Idiots 50 2077 Daggerfall Covenant Argonian Warden
EU Megaserver Lino Silberkralle 50 1912 Aldmeri Dominion Khajiit Nightblade
NA Megaserver Evanche Admrey 50 1168 Aldmeri Dominion Breton Warden
NA Megaserver Kis of the Meadows 22 1901 Ebonheart Pact Imperial Warden
EU Megaserver Ku-Sisei 24 1887 Aldmeri Dominion Argonian Warden
EU Megaserver Ardthil Greenleaf 50 2361 Aldmeri Dominion Wood Elf Warden
EU Megaserver Croaks-Like-Frogs 50 1729 Ebonheart Pact Argonian Warden
NA Megaserver -Vìxen 50 2021 Daggerfall Covenant Breton Templar
NA Megaserver smöl heals 50 1699 Ebonheart Pact Breton Warden
EU Megaserver Vísenna 50 1384 Daggerfall Covenant Breton Warden
EU Megaserver Ayreaire Aelsinthar 50 1330 Aldmeri Dominion High Elf Warden
EU Megaserver Lysara Louvain 50 1324 Daggerfall Covenant Breton Warden
EU Megaserver Otselen 50 1310 Ebonheart Pact Dark Elf Nightblade
NA Megaserver Juniper Frostborn 50 1028 Daggerfall Covenant Breton Warden
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