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An overview of all characters submitted to the ESO-Database. To add your characters and guilds download and install our ESO-Database Client and start submitting your data.

Characters Characters of the ESO-Database

Name Rank Champion Rank Alliance Race Class
NA Megaserver Marorin 50 2004 Ebonheart Pact Argonian Dragonknight
NA Megaserver arcnad slash 50 2044 Aldmeri Dominion Wood Elf Nightblade
NA Megaserver Lezhul 50 2004 Ebonheart Pact Nord Necromancer
EU Megaserver Dolly Duster 50 2049 Ebonheart Pact Argonian Nightblade
EU Megaserver kymppisonni 50 1505 Aldmeri Dominion High Elf Arcanist
NA Megaserver Shavvari Androx 16 979 Aldmeri Dominion Khajiit Nightblade
NA Megaserver Historia Rex 50 1470 Daggerfall Covenant Imperial Nightblade
NA Megaserver Vvare 50 2004 Ebonheart Pact Dark Elf Warden
EU Megaserver Atrius Valerius 35 2067 Daggerfall Covenant Imperial Nightblade
EU Megaserver Ragnhild Holgarsdottir 50 2064 Ebonheart Pact Nord Dragonknight
NA Megaserver Bumblebus Fumbledore 50 2004 Ebonheart Pact Dark Elf Arcanist
EU Megaserver Discodude 50 2726 Ebonheart Pact Khajiit Necromancer
NA Megaserver Aryana Gaesoin 16 645 Aldmeri Dominion High Elf Dragonknight
EU Megaserver Nicholesse Baumschreiter 50 1745 Aldmeri Dominion Wood Elf Warden
NA Megaserver Fiery-Tongue 50 2148 Ebonheart Pact Argonian Dragonknight
NA Megaserver Adobby Flash 50 907 Aldmeri Dominion Khajiit Nightblade
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