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An overview of all characters submitted to the ESO-Database. To add your characters and guilds download and install our ESO-Database Client and start submitting your data.

Characters Characters of the ESO-Database

Name Rank Champion Rank Alliance Race Class
EU Megaserver Pôlô 50 895 Daggerfall Covenant Orc Templar
EU Megaserver Tanked-dich-weg 50 850 Ebonheart Pact Argonian Dragonknight
NA Megaserver Razum-Gluyn 50 1042 Daggerfall Covenant Khajiit Nightblade
EU Megaserver Pfalzgraf Peter 50 987 Aldmeri Dominion Imperial Templar
NA Megaserver Voluna Jayzii 50 1266 Ebonheart Pact Breton Warden
NA Megaserver Vladimir Darkblood 50 1713 Ebonheart Pact Dark Elf Nightblade
NA Megaserver Sr malek 50 1713 Ebonheart Pact Imperial Templar
NA Megaserver Eatsalotta 50 884 Ebonheart Pact Argonian Nightblade
EU Megaserver Razzasha 50 1290 Aldmeri Dominion Orc Dragonknight
NA Megaserver Elethrin 50 673 Daggerfall Covenant High Elf Templar
EU Megaserver Immi 50 1061 Aldmeri Dominion Argonian Dragonknight
EU Megaserver Frîggá 50 1538 Ebonheart Pact Nord Warden
NA Megaserver Ozra gra-Noggin 50 1284 Daggerfall Covenant Orc Sorcerer
EU Megaserver Delanidra 50 1425 Ebonheart Pact Nord Warden
EU Megaserver X l l I 50 709 Aldmeri Dominion Khajiit Nightblade
EU Megaserver Septimus The Craftsman 50 419 Daggerfall Covenant Imperial Dragonknight
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