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ArrowJirr Madwaan

Breton Daggerfall Covenant Sorcerer

EU Megaserver Jirr MadwaanMain

Rank 50
Champion Rank 776 (375,288 / 719,293 XP)
Character assigned to Jirr Madwaan

  • Magicka: 42641
  • Health: 17159
  • Stamina: 10123
On this page you can view the lore books of the selected category for Jirr Madwaan.

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Shalidor's Library - Divines and Deities Books 0 / 10 (0%)
  • Gods and Worship In Tamriel
  • Monomyth: "Shezarr's Song"
  • Monomyth: Dragon God & Missing God
  • Monomyth: Lorkhan and Satakal
  • Monomyth: The Heart of the World
  • Monomyth: The Myth of Aurbis
  • Nine Commands of the Eight Divines
  • The Anuad Paraphrased
  • The Lunar Lorkhan
  • Vivec and Mephala