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ArrowBartuc der vergessene

Nord Ebonheart Pact Templar

EU Megaserver Bartuc der vergessene

Pact Hero
Rank 50
Champion Rank 277 (189,914 / 237,855 XP)
Character assigned to Bartuc87

  • Magicka: 19860
  • Health: 22250
  • Stamina: 8973
On this page you find the tradeskills for Bartuc der vergessene.
No extended information available for the selected tradeskill.

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Show ReagentsShow Reagents Alchemy Alchemy - Rank 50 Level Cap
Show known Blacksmithing traitsShow Traits Blacksmithing Blacksmithing - Rank 50 Level Cap
Jewelry Crafting Jewelry Crafting - Rank 1
Show known Clothing traitsShow Traits Clothing Clothing - Rank 50 Level Cap
Show known Woodworking traitsShow Traits Woodworking Woodworking - Rank 50 Level Cap
Show provisioning recipesShow Recipes Provisioning Provisioning - Rank 50 Level Cap
Show RunesShow Runes Enchanting Enchanting - Rank 50 Level Cap
Show furnitureShow furniture Furniture Crafting Furniture Crafting