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NA Megaserver Serenity's Haven

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Gegründet am 11.07.2020
2.148 Charaktere
Auf dieser Seite siehst du die Rekrutierungs-Informationen der Gilde. Diese Stammen direkt aus dem Spiel.

Rekrutierungsinformationen Rekrutierungsinformationen

  • Primärfokus: Handel
  • Spielstil: Locker
  • Sekundärfokus: Keine Angabe
  • Sprache: Englisch
  • Min. Championpunkte: 0
  • Hauptspielzeit: Keine Angabe
  • Rollen: DDHeilerTank

Serenity is seeking active sellers. We are primarily a trading guild with good social fun! Bonus to top sellers, SHINY!
Cutthroat traders running you ragged? Never letting an honest smuggler like you catch a break? We may be your new home so hop aboard Serenity and soar like a leaf on the wind.

|t40:40:esoui\art\treeicons\gamepad\|tEVENTS & PERKS
•Friendly social learning environment
•Active discord
•Multiple Raffles, lotteries, & auctions
•Rotating events such as dolmen derby, fishing, farming, skyshard hunts, learning trials, housing, screenshot, & style competitions

|t40:40:esoui\art\icons\|tGUILD HALL
Fully furnished guild hall with all set crafting stations, mundus stones, training dummies, resource well, etc.

While we do not have dues, our ability to bid on weekly traders is wholly dependent on your contributions through raffles, auctions, with a small % coming from sales. Because of this, we reserve the right to occasionally cull up to 10% of the bottom members who consistently have zero contributions.

Be respectful to fellow players, no drama, politics, or religion in guild chat, 14-day inactivity policy, and sarcasm is always welcomed :D

Note: We do not accept blank or 1 word apps so put in some effort.

“10% of nothing is, let me do the maths..nothing into nothing..carry the nothing..” -Jayne