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NA Megaserver Fun House

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Gegründet am 26.07.2020
1.138 Charaktere
Auf dieser Seite siehst du die Rekrutierungs-Informationen der Gilde. Diese Stammen direkt aus dem Spiel.

Rekrutierungsinformationen Rekrutierungsinformationen

  • Primärfokus: Handel
  • Spielstil: Normal
  • Sekundärfokus: Gruppen-PvE
  • Sprache: Englisch
  • Min. Championpunkte: 0
  • Hauptspielzeit: Keine Angabe
  • Rollen: DDHeilerTank

Join for the trader, stay for the fun. We're more than just moneymakers. Trading - Housing - Trials - Low Reqs - and more!
|t40:40:esoui/art/icons/|t Nothing is predictable at the Fun House except having a good time! We're entirely bonkers but I'll tell you a secret, all the best people are. We are a mid-tier trading guild offering fun things to do in a stress free environment.

|t40:40:esoui/art/icons/|tGuild Requirements:
- 10k Donation (counts as raffle tix)
- Discord

• |t30:30:esoui/art/guild/gamepad/|tGuild Trader, usually in Western Skyrim, Solitude.
• Full Guild Hall with all Sets, Mundus, Dummies and more
• 2 Weekly Raffles with Gold Prizes
• Weekly Normal Trials
• Master Crafters + Furnishers
• Housing Tours, Contests, & Yard Sale
• Daily Events (Skyshards, World Boss, Trivia, Dungeon Races & more)