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NA Megaserver Butterscotch Dragon Frog

Gildenleiter: Gildenleiter nicht in der ESO-Database gefunden
Gildenhändler: Ghatrugh in Betnikh
Gegründet am 05.07.2020
1.102 Charaktere
Auf dieser Seite siehst du die Rekrutierungs-Informationen der Gilde. Diese Stammen direkt aus dem Spiel.

Rekrutierungsinformationen Rekrutierungsinformationen

  • Primärfokus: Geselligkeit
  • Spielstil: Locker
  • Sekundärfokus: Handwerk
  • Sprache: Englisch
  • Min. Championpunkte: 0
  • Hauptspielzeit: Keine Angabe
  • Rollen: DDHeilerTank

A friendly place to chat about ESO, kitties, and whatever floats your boat. Pull up a lillypad and stay a while. Add a note in your app!
Welcome to Butterscotch Dragon Frog!

We are a social guild with a focus on crafting, fishing, farming, and of course, grinding for gear. If you're looking for friendly people to fish with, quest with, and run content with, this is the place!

We run trials, decorating contests, house tours, fishing groups and more!
We love helping new players. We are donation based, and we give and take as needed. Come join our little family!

We have a lovely guild hall with all the attunables, all mundus, and transmute station. Our discord is quite active and we have a variety of channels about eso, plants, d&d, and of course fur babies. 18+ Lgbtq+ friendly!

"The Butterscotch Dragon Frog presumably got its name from the Argonian practice of naming creatures after flavors, whether those things taste like that or not. This one has no intention of finding out whether it does." —M'aiq the Liar