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Ebonheart Pact

EU Megaserver Trading Lounge

Guild master: No guild master found in ESO-Database
Guild trader: Faelemar in Lilmoth
Founded 03/01/2017
3,859 Characters
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Name Rank Champion Rank Alliance Race Class
EU Megaserver Abraxa Brutzelbräse 50 1198 Ebonheart Pact Breton Sorcerer
EU Megaserver Adricona 50 909 Daggerfall Covenant Orc Nightblade
EU Megaserver Alora Myra 50 1203 Aldmeri Dominion High Elf Templar
EU Megaserver Aria Dragon 50 872 Ebonheart Pact Nord Dragonknight
EU Megaserver Aroloth 3 679 Aldmeri Dominion High Elf Sorcerer
EU Megaserver Aziza Siham 50 1186 Ebonheart Pact Redguard Nightblade
EU Megaserver Bareda Schwarzhand 5 610 Daggerfall Covenant Dark Elf Necromancer
EU Megaserver Bellona Stahlfaust 50 610 Daggerfall Covenant Dark Elf Templar
EU Megaserver Braingurdian 50 235 Aldmeri Dominion Wood Elf Warden
EU Megaserver Brennt den Schnaps 50 610 Ebonheart Pact Nord Templar
EU Megaserver Celtea 50 901 Daggerfall Covenant Breton Templar
EU Megaserver Chromax 50 250 Ebonheart Pact Dark Elf Dragonknight
EU Megaserver Daera Drachenherz 32 --- Aldmeri Dominion Wood Elf Warden
EU Megaserver Dar'f das 50 1205 Ebonheart Pact Khajiit Nightblade
EU Megaserver Dar'f dieser 50 783 Aldmeri Dominion Khajiit Nightblade
EU Megaserver Dark Dragoness 39 603 Aldmeri Dominion High Elf Dragonknight
EU Megaserver Dasla 50 610 Ebonheart Pact Argonian Sorcerer
EU Megaserver Defends-Dignity 50 1099 Ebonheart Pact Argonian Templar
EU Megaserver Delanidra 50 1099 Ebonheart Pact Nord Warden
EU Megaserver Deleude 50 360 Aldmeri Dominion Nord Dragonknight
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